EFTA Worlds shoot feedback?

Discussion in '2019 Archive' started by SteveC200, Aug 15, 2019.

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    Jan 19, 2012
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    I hope this is ok? I was just wondering what the shooters thought of them and the WFTF rules? As a first timer I didn't really know how tricky they would be.

    The 3 minutes a lane rule is an interesting one as I found I shot a lot slower than normal. From sitting down to eye to scope was 45 seconds or so more time available than normal. I also liked being able to see the clock, handy when waiting for the wind to settle. Other than that, no different than BFTA shoots. Did each session run to schedule?

    Loved the courses they were tough, long and sometimes baffling. I reckon an extra 50% over 50 yards compared to GPs. :cool: Every shot was a challenge and I thought it was great. The only little gripe is the tied down strings as I needed all the clues I could get :D but if they were needed because of crossing strings then fair enough.
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  2. Pauly5

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    Sep 1, 2013
    Kuku FT club. NZ
    This was my first experience of an event as this, and thought it was well run, and a cleverly designed course. On some of the lanes, I thought there was no wind, but proved wrong, very clever thanks.
    I was looking forward to seeing many of the list of suppliers and the opportunity to see stuff I can only look at online too. I enjoyed meeting and shooting with some great shooters, and got a sense of what a great sport FT has become here. I also have some stickers I will be proud of wearing on my scope.
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