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    Nov 8, 2008
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    Quarry Hunters
    Name Country Class Manufacturer
    2 Adam Konojacki Poland Open Walther
    3 Adam Poliński Poland Open Walther
    4 Adam Ward England Junior Air Arms
    5 Alan Grayson England Open Air Arms
    6 Alan Jackson England Open ISP
    7 Alan Moss England Open Air Arms
    8 Alastair Collip England .22" Weirauch
    9 Allan Nichol Scotland Open Air Arms
    10 Andrea Marshall England Ladies Air Arms
    11 Andrew Burgess Wales Open Air Arms
    12 Andrew Underwood Wales Junior Air Arms
    13 Andy Jones England Open Walther
    14 Andy Simpson England Open Daystate
    15 Andy Williams England Open Air Arms
    16 Andy Yates England Recoil Weirauch
    17 Anne Russell England .22"
    18 Anthony Archer England Open Steyr
    19 Anthony Gaunlett England Open Weirauch
    20 Anthony Higgins Wales Junior Daystate
    21 Ashley Poile England Open
    22 Barry Sayer England .22" BSA
    23 Barry Smith England Open Air Arms
    24 Ben Davies England Open Air Arms
    25 Ben Gould England Junior Air Arms
    26 Ben Rawlins England Junior Daystate
    27 Ben Russell England Recoil Weirauch
    28 Bert Tate England Open Daystate
    29 Beth Hughes England Junior Falcon
    30 Bill Jones England Open Daystate
    31 Bruce Marshall England Open Theoben
    32 Bruce Milne Scotland Open
    33 Cameron Casey England Junior Daystate
    34 Cameron Wilson Scotland Open Steyr
    35 Charles Coxsedge England Open Steyr
    36 Chris Brunton Scotland Open
    37 Chris Coombes England Open Steyr
    38 Chris Cundey England Open Daystate
    39 Chris Guy England Open Air Arms
    40 Chris Holmes England Recoil Weirauch
    41 Chris Sutcliffe England Open Daystate
    42 Chris van Veluw Holland Open
    43 Colin Medway England Open Weirauch
    44 Colin Sykes England Open FX Cyclone
    45 Colin Wilkinson England Recoil Weirauch
    46 Connor Ford England Junior Air Arms
    47 Craig Grayson England Junior Air Arms
    48 Craig Lord England Junior
    49 Craig Rochell England Open Daystate
    50 Dai Butler England Open Air Arms
    51 Dan Long England Junior Air Arms
    52 Daniel Cogger England Junior Air Arms
    53 Daniel Newell England Open BSA
    54 Daniel Smith England Open Daystate
    55 Daniel Turner England Recoil Air Arms
    56 Danny Rand England Recoil Air Arms
    57 Danny Webb England Open Steyr
    58 Dariusz Jaśkielewicz Poland Open Steyr
    59 Darrell Waite England Open Daystate
    60 Darren Lindsey England Open Air Arms
    61 Darren Phillips England .22"
    62 Darren Quincey England Open Steyr
    63 Dave Brayford England Open
    64 Dave Hatfield England Open Walther
    65 Dave Hutton England Open Daystate
    66 Dave Lilliywhite England Open Steyr
    67 Dave Martin England Open Daystate
    68 Dave Nash England Open Air Arms
    69 Dave Ramshead England Open Air Arms
    70 David Allam England Open Steyr
    71 David Benyon England Open Air Arms
    72 David Bowles England Open Daystate
    73 David Chapman England .22" Steyr
    74 David Duncan England Open
    75 David Foster Scotland Open Air Arms
    76 David Gething England Open Theoben
    77 David Hunter England Open Daystate
    78 David Newman England Open
    79 David Robertson Scotland Open Daystate
    80 David Storey Wales Open Weirauch
    81 David Taylor England Open Air Arms
    82 David Wardle Scotland Open Air Arms
    83 David Welham England Open
    84 David White Scotland Open Air Arms
    85 Davie Kay Scotland Open Air Arms
    86 Dean Yaxley England Open Air Arms
    87 Debbie Clarke England Ladies Steyr
    88 Deon Smith Scotland Open Weirauch
    89 Derek McGill Scotland Open Air Arms
    90 Derek Whittingham England Open Steyr
    91 Derick Stone Wales Open Daystate
    92 Dorian Falconer Wales Open Air Arms
    93 Douglas Knox England Open Air Arms
    94 Drew Whitley Wales Open Daystate
    95 Duncan Hamilton England Open Ripley
    96 Edward Belcher England Junior Air Arms
    97 Evan Grove England Junior Air Arms
    98 Fred Kaz England Open Air Arms
    99 Gareth James Wales Open Air Arms
    100 Garry Kingaby England Open Air Arms
    101 Garry Marshall England Recoil Air Arms
    102 Gary Brader England Open Air Arms
    103 Gary Chillingworth England Open Daystate
    104 Gary Morrison England Open Air Arms
    105 Gavyn Jones England Open Air Arms
    106 Geoff Ryder England Open Steyr
    107 Geoff Watkinson England Open Walther
    108 George Lightbody Scotland Open Steyr
    109 George Rounce England Junior Air Arms
    110 Gilbert Hill Scotland Open Air Arms
    111 Glen Pickard England Open Air Arms
    112 Graham Cooper England Open Air Arms
    113 Graham Easton Scotland Open Daystate
    114 Graham Gilbert England Open Air Arms
    115 Graham Knighton England Open
    116 Greg Hensman England Open Daystate
    117 Greg Hensman Jr England Junior Steyr
    118 Guy Gillies England Open Daystate
    119 Hans Koelemeijer Holland Recoil Weirauch
    120 Helen Catterall England Ladies Air Arms
    121 Ian Bainbridge England Open Air Arms
    122 Ian Harford USA Open Air Arms
    123 Ian Horne Scotland Open Daystate
    124 Ian Houghton England Open Walther
    125 Ian Hunter England Open Weirauch
    126 Ian Stoddart England Open Air Arms
    127 Ian Unsworth England Open Daystate
    128 Jacek Jakimowicz Poland Open Walther
    129 Jacek Nawrocki England Open Air Arms
    130 Jack Hughes England Junior Weirauch
    131 James Watson Scotland Open Ripley
    132 Jamie Chapman England Open Air Arms
    133 Jane Sparkes Wales Ladies Daystate
    134 Janine Travers Wales Ladies Air Arms
    135 Jarek Massloch Poland Recoil
    136 Jason Turner England Open Steyr
    137 Jean Greatrex England Ladies Air Arms
    138 Jeff Woods England Open Daystate
    139 Jennie Stone England Ladies Steyr
    140 Jeremy Ashby England Open Air Arms
    141 John Allinson-Smith England Open Air Arms
    142 John Farbrother England Recoil Air Arms
    143 John McDonald England Open Daystate
    144 John Oldroyd England Open Steyr
    145 John Pyatt** England Open Daystate
    146 John Turnball England Open Daystate
    147 John van Oorschot Holland Open Air Arms
    148 Johnny Smith England .22" Daystate
    149 Jon Dawson Scotland Open Steyr
    150 Jonathan Major England Open Air Arms
    151 Jordon Dutton England Open Daystate
    152 Josh Long England Junior Air Arms
    153 Jurgen van Aken Holland Recoil Weirauch
    154 Justin Rhone England Open Air Arms
    155 Karl Clarke England Open Steyr
    156 Karl Douglas England Open Daystate
    157 Ken Knight Scotland Open Daystate
    158 Kenneth Gould England Open Daystate
    159 Kenny Weddell Scotland Open Steyr
    160 Kevin Abrams England Open Daystate
    161 Kevin Chambers England Open
    162 Kevin Lindsey England Open Daystate
    163 Khalid Rafiq Scotland Open
    164 Kyle Hampton England Open Daystate
    165 Larissa Sykes England Ladies Daystate
    166 Leon Hargreaves England Junior Air Arms
    167 Leon Peute Holland Recoil Air Arms
    168 Levi Hawthorn England Recoil Air Arms
    169 Lloyd Davies England .22" Logun
    170 Lloyd Grove England Open Air Arms
    171 Lloyd Upton England Open Air Arms
    172 Louise Bignall England Ladies Weirauch
    173 Luke Saunders * England Junior Daystate
    174 Luke Woods England Junior Weirauch
    175 Marcus Leck England Junior
    176 Mark Bassett Wales Open Walther
    177 Mark Camoccio England Open
    178 Mark Charlton England Open BSA
    179 Mark Dixon England Open Daystate
    180 Mark Farrar England Open Daystate
    181 Mark Leck England Open BSA
    182 Mark Wall Wales Open Air Arms
    183 Mark Wilson England Open Steyr
    184 Martin Goodsall England Open Steyr
    185 Matt Smith England Open Steyr
    186 Matthew Dimmer England Recoil Weirauch
    187 Matthew Edwards England Junior
    188 Matthew Ford England Open Daystate
    189 Matthew Rawlings England .22" Air Arms
    190 Michael Isaac England Open GC2
    191 Michael Kelly England Recoil Weirauch
    192 Mick McTighe England Open Daystate
    193 Mike Burgess England Open Air Arms
    194 Mike Carney England Open
    195 Mike Edminson England Open Daystate
    196 Mike Elliott England Open Walther
    197 Mike Everson England Open Air Arms
    198 Mike Turner * England Open Daystate
    199 Mirjam Stark Holland Ladies Weirauch
    200 Mirosław Maciejewicz Poland Open Steyr
    201 Nathan Smith England Recoil Air Arms
    202 Neal Rainbow * England Open Daystate
    203 Neil Rogers England Open
    204 Neil Tatton England Open Daystate
    205 Nick Chilton England Open Air Arms
    206 Nick Thomas England Open Theoben
    207 Nicola Pearson England Ladies Steyr
    208 Niel Ashman England Open Daystate
    209 Nigel Peckham * England Open Daystate
    210 Nigel Smith England Open Air Arms
    211 Nigel Williams Wales Open Daystate
    212 Nina Wake England Ladies Air Arms
    213 Ollie Wadcock England Open Weirauch
    214 Patrick Fitzgerald England Recoil Weirauch
    215 Paul Bretland England Recoil Weirauch
    216 Paul Brittain England Open Daystate
    217 Paul Gould England Open Air Arms
    218 Paul Hargreaves England Open Air Arms
    219 Paul Mitchell* England Open Air Arms
    220 Paul Russell England Open Daystate
    221 Pete Dutton England Open Walther
    222 Pete Minchin England Open BSA
    223 Pete Sparkes Wales Open Daystate
    224 Peter Foote England Open Air Arms
    225 Peter Higgins Wales Open Daystate
    226 Peter John Edwards England Open Steyr
    227 Peter Thomas Edwards England Open Air Arms
    228 Peter Underwood Wales Open Daystate
    229 Phiip King England Open Air Arms
    230 Phil Russell England Recoil Weirauch
    231 Philip Green England Open Daystate
    232 Philip Johansen England Open Air Arms
    233 Rachel Unsworth England Junior Air Arms
    234 Rachel Waite England Ladies Daystate
    235 Rancid Nelson England .22" BSA
    236 Ray Dawson Scotland Open Steyr
    237 Ray Hampton England Open Air Arms
    238 Rebecca Rawlings England Junior Daystate
    239 Richard Chase England Open Ripley
    240 Richard Ward England Open BSA
    241 Richard Woods England Open Steyr
    242 Rik Travers England Open Steyr
    243 Robert Clay England Recoil Air Arms
    244 Robert Douglas England Junior BSA
    245 Robert Skidmore England Open Daystate
    246 Robert Taylor England Open Air Arms
    247 Roger Bentley England Open Steyr
    248 Roger Dyson England Recoil Air Arms
    249 Roger Lait * England Open BSA
    250 Ross Hudson England Open Steyr
    251 Roy Oliphant England Open Air Arms
    252 Roy Walklet England Open
    253 Ruaraidh Chase England Open Air Arms
    254 Ryan Charlton England Open Walther
    255 Ryan Martin England Open Daystate
    256 Sabrina Kingaby England Junior Air Arms
    257 Samantha Ramshead England Ladies Air Arms
    258 Scott Grayson England Open Air Arms
    259 Sean Cameron England Open Daystate
    260 Sean Webb Scotland Open Weirauch
    261 Shaun Langley England Open Air Arms
    262 Simon Belcher England Open Air Arms
    263 Simon Edwards England Open BSA
    264 Simon Harrison England .22" BSA
    265 Simon Howarth England Open BSA
    266 Simon Jones England .22" Air Arms
    267 Simon Vant England Open Ripley
    268 Sorin Toma England Open BSA
    269 Spencer Hayward England Open Air Arms
    270 Stepen Milburn England Open Daystate
    271 Steph Kirkwood England Ladies Steyr
    272 Stephen Burns England Open Daystate
    273 Stephen Cochrane Scotland Open Steyr
    274 Stephen Davey England Open Air Arms
    275 Stephen Goacher England Open Daystate
    276 Stephen Hughes England Open Air Arms
    277 Stephen James Wales Junior Air Arms
    278 Steve Catch England Open Steyr
    279 Steve Gillies England Open Walther
    280 Steve Griggs England Open Steyr
    281 Steve Hesp England Open Air Arms
    282 Steve lanyman England Open Walther
    283 Steve Light England Open Air Arms
    284 Steve Prime England Recoil Weirauch
    285 Steve Swift England Open Daystate
    286 Steve Whiting England Recoil Air Arms
    287 Stuart Deeks England Open Daystate
    288 Stuart Gould England Open Air Arms
    289 Stuart Webb Scotland Open Weirauch
    290 Terry Wheatley England Recoil
    291 Thomas Brder England Junior Air Arms
    292 Thomas Morgans Wales Open Air Arms
    293 Tim Bohr England Open
    294 Tim Roscoe England Open Daystate
    295 Toby Standish England Open Daystate
    296 Tony Lamsdale England Recoil Weirauch
    297 Tracey Taylor Wales Ladies Daystate
    298 Trevor Harris England Open Weirauch
    299 Vince Blackman England Open Steyr
    300 Wayne Galea Malta Open Air Arms
    301 Wayne Marriott England Open Daystate
    302 Wayne Pearce England .22" Daystate
    303 William Ashby England Junior Air Arms
    304 William Hooton England Open Air Arms
    305 Wilson Hendry Scotland Open Daystate
    306 Zak Cooper England Open Air Arms

    305 ex 360 places
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