World HFT Championships 2009

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  1. RobF

    RobF Administrator Staff Member

    Mar 4, 2010
    New Forest, Hampshire
    Parkstone Gun Club, South Dorset FTC, Southampton Buccaneers
    We are proud to announce that the World Hunter Field Target Association (WHFTA)
    in collaboration with Countryman Fairs will be holding the World Hunter Field Target Championships on the Bank Holiday weekend of Sun 12th & Mon 13th April 2009 at the Kelmarsh Country Fair.

    Entry to the event will be £25 & will include free entry into the Country Fair for both days.

    Camping will be available but there will be a small fee for this as Countryman fairs will have to install facilities specifically for this event.

    Entries will be limited to 360 shooters with entry closing on 28th Feb 2009, this will allow enough time to organise the correct number of goody bag items.

    The competition will consist of two 30 shot courses set to the UKAHFT course format, each competitor will shoot one course on the Sunday & the other course on the Monday. The World Champion will be the shooter with the highest two day total irrespective on class entry, Countryman Fairs are kindly donating the perpetual World Champion trophy.

    Trophies for this event will be as follows
    • 1st – 12th Open Class.
    • 1st – 3rd Ladies
    • 1st – 3rd Juniors (15 years or under on the first day of the event)
    • 1st – 3rd Recoiling
    • 1st – 3rd .22†calibre.
    If we get at least 6 entries we could add a 6ft/lbs class

    Each of the above placings will also get a special Worlds Platinum badge.

    All placings will be decided by shoot offs

    All prizes will be raffled off at the end of the first day.

    Each competitor will receive a goody bag including manufacturer brochures & free samples (all depending on the amount of interest by the trade). Also included will be a number of items showing the WHFTA 2009 logo
    • Special event badge
    • Pen
    • DVD/Scorecard case
    • Baseball cap

    Our Website is up & running shortly with full information & booking details
  2. Sparky

    Sparky Ich dien Staff Member

    Nov 8, 2008
    Pontypool South Wales
    Quarry Hunters
    HFT World Sessions

    Below are the sessions for the Worlds.

    If you are shooting Course A am on the first day you will be shooting Course B pm the following day and so on.

    Details of what time you need to be booked in by will follow.


    Course A am Sunday/Course B pm Monday
    David Allam
    Robert Appleyard
    Ian Bainbridge
    Mark Bassett
    Tony Belas
    Dave Benyon
    Vinnie Blackman
    David Bowles
    Michael Byford
    Mark Camoccio
    Ryan Charlton
    Perry Chean
    Chris Cundey
    Stuart Doyle
    Pete Dutton
    Mark Dyer
    Michael Elliott
    Mike Everson
    Dorian Falconer
    Tim Finley
    Stephen Gillies
    Guy Gillies
    Jean Greatrex
    John Grice
    Simon Higgins
    Gary Horne
    Kev Hughes
    Dave Hutton
    Stephanie Kirkwood
    Roger Lait
    Dave Lillywhite
    Darren Lindsey
    Wayne Marriot
    Ryan Martin
    Dave Martin
    Thomas McDonald
    John McDonald
    Mick McTighe
    Tom Morgans
    John Murray
    Piotr Nurzynski
    Stephen Postings
    Khalid Rafiq
    Neal Rainbow
    Dave Ramshead
    Samantha Ramshead
    Geoff Ryder
    Andy Simpson
    Matt Smith
    Jane Sparkes
    Pete Sparkes
    Christopher Sutcliffe
    Bert Tate
    David Taylor
    Nick Thomas
    Kieran Turner
    Ollie Wadcock
    Darrell Waite
    Rachel Waite
    Mark Wall
    Geoff Watkinson
    Danny Webb
    Dave Welham
    Terry Wheatley

    Course A pm Sunday/Course B am Monday
    John Allinson-Smith
    Jesus Andion
    Niel Ashman
    Zilvinas Baltulis
    Roger Bentley
    Nicholas Bishop
    Terry Blackman
    Tim Bohr
    Willem Braams
    Andrew Burgess
    Steve Catch
    Luke Chapman
    Gary Chillingworth
    Neil Chitty
    Daniel Cogger
    Charles Coxsedge
    Steve Crowther
    Neil Daniels
    Steve Davey
    Anthony de Groot
    Michael Euman
    Anthony Gauntlett
    Lewis Gent
    Neville George
    Andrew Gillott
    Gedas Girzadas
    Steve Goacher
    Kenneth Gould
    Ian Harford
    Richard Harley
    Spencer Hayward
    Steven Hesp
    Stephen Hughes
    Michael Isaac
    Andy Jackson
    Artur Karwowski
    Ian Kenny
    Philip King
    Garry Kingaby
    George Lightbody
    Jonathan Major
    David Nash
    David Newman
    Adam Polinski
    Rene Quist
    David Reid
    David Robertson
    Craig Rochell
    Andries Sluiter
    Antonio Sorribes
    Henrik Stacke
    Tobey Standish
    Jennie Stone
    Adrian Turner
    John van Oorschot
    Chris Van Veluw
    Nina Wake
    David Wardle
    Nick Watson
    Kenny Weddell
    Richard Woods

    Course B am Sunday/Course A pm Monday
    Simon Belcher
    Edward Belcher
    Louise Bignall
    Claire Bowie
    Euan Bowie
    Mark Brewitt
    Jason Buckingham
    Sean Cameron
    David Chapman
    Jamie Chapman
    Alan Charlton
    Alex Charlton
    Alastair Collip
    Chris Coombes
    Matthew Dimmer
    Roger Dyson
    Stuart Gould
    Paul Gould
    Craig Grayson
    Scott Grayson
    Alan Grayson
    Ray Griffith
    Greg Hensman
    Greg Hensman
    Andrea Hingston
    Ian Houghton
    Bethan Hughes
    Jack Hughes
    Dave Johnson
    Harry Johnson
    Simon Jones
    Kieran Lewis
    Brian Lewis
    Rob Long
    Joshhua Long
    Craig Lord
    Mark Loveland
    Alex Mallows
    John Mallows
    Victoria Mallows
    Jack McCumisky
    Jason Middleton
    Gary Morrison
    Jordon Noble
    Gerry Noble
    Cliff O'Connor
    Wayne Pearce
    Nigel Peckham
    Darren Phillips
    Sarah Prime
    Stephen Prime
    Owen Quenault
    Peter Quenault
    Ben Rawlings
    Matthew Rawlings
    Simon Renshaw
    Scott Robinson
    Ben Russell
    Paul Russell
    Luke Saunders
    Pat Skires
    Johnny Smith
    Steve Sowden
    Martin Speck
    Colin Sykes
    Larissa Sykes
    Simon Turnbull
    Adam Ward
    Stephen Whiting
    Trevor Wild

    Course B pm Sunday/Course A am Monday
    Kevin Abrams
    Stewart Alexander
    Stephen Bagnall
    Paul Bailey
    Paul Bretland
    Paul Brittain
    Mike Burgess
    Dai Butler
    David Carter
    Nick Chilton
    Eoghain Cooke
    Zak Cooper
    Graham Cooper
    Jon Dawson
    Ray Dawson
    Karl Douglas
    David Duncan
    Mike Edminson
    Peter Foote
    Glenn Ford
    Paul Foyle
    Andy Gascoigne
    Chris Guy
    Duncan Hamilton
    Clifton Hill
    Siobhan Hobden
    William Hooton
    Andrew Jones
    Graham Knighton
    Douglas Knox
    Gareth Llewelyn
    Clive Madley
    Lorraine Madley
    Bruce Marshall
    Garry Marshall
    Andrea Marshall
    Paul Mitchell
    Garrick Nelson
    John Oldroyd
    Roy Oliphant
    Kelly O'Neill
    Craig Philipson
    John Pyatt
    Peter Rowley
    Philippa Stone
    Paul Swaddle
    Robert Thompson
    Rik Travers
    Janine Travers
    John Turnbull
    Lloyd Upton
    Jason Whidborne
    William White
    Derek Whittingham
    Nigel Williams
    Hugh Wilson
    Paul Yates
    Dean Yaxley
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  3. RobF

    RobF Administrator Staff Member

    Mar 4, 2010
    New Forest, Hampshire
    Parkstone Gun Club, South Dorset FTC, Southampton Buccaneers
    Cheers Pete :)
  4. Scooby

    Scooby Pete Dutton

    Nov 8, 2008
    To celebrate the launch of the inaugural World Hunter Field Target

    Championship at the Kelmarsh Country Fair this Easter, organisers
    Countryman Fairs have announced an exciting new development for
    airgunners. Airgun Expo will form the centrepiece of Gunmakers Row,
    bringing with it the country's finest manufacturers of airguns. Over 200
    of the leading brands of airguns and related products will be
    represented at the event for you to try before you buy. For more
    information see
  5. dimmer0707

    dimmer0707 Member

    Nov 21, 2008
    Think this is going to be a very good weekend away looking forward to it:).
  6. RobF

    RobF Administrator Staff Member

    Mar 4, 2010
    New Forest, Hampshire
    Parkstone Gun Club, South Dorset FTC, Southampton Buccaneers
    WHFTA World HFT Championships 2009

    Competitors Guidance Notes

    Please note that why some of the timings below may seem harsh we are trying to ensure the event runs smoothly & doesn’t over run.

    Airgun Expo Charity Badges
    Countryman fairs have arranged the production of a limited edition Airgun Expo badge for sale at the event, all profits from the sale of these badges will go to the charity Disability Target Shooting Great Britain The badges will be on sale at the booking in tent at a price of £3 each.

    Access to the site
    • Access to the site will be available from 7am each morning.
    • When going through the ticket stalls competitors may exchange their tickets for a wrist band, this wrist band will allow access in & out of the site anytime over the weekend, including coming back into the site for the evening entertainment.

    Gun Safety
    • All rifles must be cased when transported to the zero range & the courses, once over the bridge onto our courses you rifles may be uncased.
    • Once over the bridge there is no secure location to store you cases so you are advised to take them round the course with you.

    Booking in
    • 1st session shooters - 07:30 to 08:15 each day
    • 2nd session shooters - 09:15 to 10:30 each day
    • Booking in outside of these times will not be allowed.

    Zeroing Range
    • A 140ft wide covered zero range will be available to competitors only
    • The zero range will only be open on the Sun & Mon of competition.
    • Due to the limited space the following zeroing times will apply.
    • Zeroing for 1st session shooters 07:00 to 08:30.
    • Zeroing for 2nd session shooters 09:15 onwards.
    • 1st session shooters may use the zero range after completing the 1st session.

    Course Exclusions
    • Access to the course area over the bridge is strictly limited to course setters & organisers only on the Saturday.
    • On the first day of competition & the morning of the 2nd day no shooters are allowed over the bridge to watch the competition.
    • Competitors shooting the 1st session on the Monday will be allowed over the bridge to watch the final session on the Monday afternoon.
    • Any competitor found on the course when not shooting will be disqualified from the competition, the only exception are WHFTA officials & marshals currently on duty.

    1st Session shooters
    • The safety Briefing for the 1st session will take place on the grass in front of the hall at 08:45 prompt.
    • This area is approx 200yards from the bridge on the left.
    • All 1st session shooters must attend this briefing or they cannot shoot.
    • The first session will start at 9am.

    2nd Session shooters
    • 2nd session shooters must attend the second session safety briefing or they will not be allowed to shoot, the safety briefing will not wait for shooters.
    • At the end of the 1st session the claxon will be sounded three times.
    • 15mins after the finish of the 1st session, 2nd session shooters should make their way over the bridge to the lawn area in front of the hall in preparation for the 2nd session briefing.
    • All shooting marshals from the first session should help with the spraying of the targets in readiness for the second session. One of the shooting marshals shooting partners should stay at their finish lane to look after their rifle/kit until they have finished painting.

    • There will be a number of shooting marshals on the course, these marshals are there to cover any problems like strings snapping & such.
    • Any target disputes will be covered by the head marshal on that course.
    • There will also be two roving marshals per course.
    • Each session will be covered by a Chief Marshal who will have final say in any disputes.
    • Any problems not covered by the Chief Marshal or the rules will be decided by a panel of judges, these will be Pete Dutton, Richard Harley & Pete Sparkes, if any of these have a vested interest in the decision then a replacement judge will be chosen.

    Chief Marshals
    • Richard Harley - Sunday AM & Monday PM
    • Pete Sparkes - Sunday PM & Monday AM

    Prize Raffle
    • The Prize raffle will take place on Sunday 12th after session 2.
    • The raffle will take place at the covered zero range approximately 30mins after the close of session 2.
    • You must attend the raffle to win a prize.

    Target Checking Procedure
    • Any targets called by a competitor will be checked using the new target checker.
    • Only the head marshal on each course may check a target with the checker.
    • When checked, if the target falls it is deemed to be working.
    • If the target fails to fall when it is checked, the competitor & only that competitor will be awarded the target, the target will then either be repaired or immediately replaced.

    Score cards
    • All score cards should be handed in as you leave the course.
    • Unfortunately shooters not handing their cards in at the close of shooting on the Monday may miss any shoot offs or prize giving.

    Shoot offs
    • All placings will be decided by shoot off.
    • The shoot offs will take place at the covered zero range approximately 30mins after the close of the second session on Monday

    Trophy Presentation
    • The Trophy presentation for the World Champion & all the class winners will take place immediately after the end of the shoot offs.
    • Ian Harford from Countryman Fairs will be presenting the trophies.
    • Trophy presentations will take place at the covered zero range.
  7. RobF

    RobF Administrator Staff Member

    Mar 4, 2010
    New Forest, Hampshire
    Parkstone Gun Club, South Dorset FTC, Southampton Buccaneers
    Just some final updates.


    Campers can arrive at midday on Friday, but please note you will not be allowed into the show itself until 7pm Saturday night.

    All people wishing to go in and of the show over the weekend must use “The Wristband exchange” as explained before.


    Also for all shooters there will be 2 separate car parks, please follow the signs if you want to use these and not the main car pack.

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