Worcester Boxing Day Shoot

Discussion in 'News and Results' started by Gerry, Dec 27, 2011.

  1. Gerry

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    Dec 21, 2008
    Jacarilla Spain
    Thanks to every one who traveled from afar to attend .

    It was a great day out , thanks to Johnny Smith, Jim Tyler & Ian Sheppard for all the work put into this happy day.

    Thanks also to Martin Peake & the scouts for the catering, from what I understand, it went down well.

    Thanks to , for all the fantastic donations , gratefully accepted , every shooter went away with some thing !

    Well done to all the shooters , a tricky course , made even more challenging with a swirling gusting wind .

    It was fantastic to welcome so many new shooters to our great sport, thanks for taking the plunge & joining us .

    Peter Underwood 56
    Chris Coombes 55
    Dave Dabaye 54} - Tie decided on countback
    Pete Foote 54}
    Pete Higgins 53
    Andy Burgess 53
    Andrew Underwood 52 - 1st Junior
    Tony Male 52
    Rob Lamerton 52
    Tom Morgans 51
    Dave Maun 50
    Mick Goodenough 49
    Martin Peake 48
    Gerry Baillon 48
    Simon Foote 47
    Colin Evans 47
    Rob Clay 47 - 1st Springer
    A Reynolds 46
    John Holder 45
    Darrin Lynn 44
    Tim Orchard 43
    Ant Higgins 43
    Craig Gibson 42
    Ian Sheppard 40
    John Pinson 38
    Dan Orchard 38
    Lee Malper 37
    Jason Scott 37
    Lee Sharman 37 - 1st .22
    Adam Morris 31
    Charles Huntley 27
    Craig Huntley 26
    Ian Treadwell 25
    Mark Suffolk 19
    Johnny Smith No shoot .

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