winter gauntlet r4 oldham 16/2/2014 scores

Discussion in 'News and Results' started by Dave Ramshead, Feb 16, 2014.

  1. Dave Ramshead

    Dave Ramshead England HFT Team squatter

    Apr 16, 2009
    Preston, Lancs
    Rivington Riflemen
    Thanks to the team at oldham for hosting todays round, it was obvious to see loads of hard work had been put into the ground to create a new firing line through the woods.

    Thanks to Nige & Sarah for the catering, nice to see you back in action after the accident.

    Today saw a new round winner and entrant to the red badge club, well done Rob Johnson from Fort.

    Open - Rob Johnson
    Junior - Brendan Hadjuk
    Lady - Sandra Thompson
    Veteran - Ray Ross / John Rawnsley
    Oddball - Ian Roberts
    Bonus Bunny - Geoff Johnson

    T4 was removed from the comp by the marshalling team and scores adjusted accordingly - thanks to Karyn for the sanity checking & adjusting.

    Please could Steve watson from Chesterfield contact me asap re his scorecard from todays round.
    ..... and Maliusz Wisnibenski confirm the spelling is correct - difficult to read the name on card.
    Scoreboard will be updated after contact from the 2 queries have been dealt with

    Name Score
    Rob Johnson 58
    James McLachlan 57
    Sam Oultram 57
    Brian Heaps 57
    Sandra Thompson 57
    Marc Elder 57
    Mark Wilson 57
    Jim Harney 56
    Brendan Hadjuk 56
    Dave Ramshead 56
    Nick Hopkinson 56
    Darran Powell 56
    Steve Oultram 55
    Drew Thompson 55
    Mia Roberts 55
    Ian Unsworth 55
    Bill Jones 55
    Matt Brookes 55
    Bert Tate 54
    James Hesson 54
    Mick McTighe 53
    Mark Gregory 53
    John Oldroyd 53
    Gordon Burns 53
    Ray Ross 52
    John Rawnsley 52
    Ian Roberts 52
    Lee Meadows 52
    Andy McLachlan 51
    Melissa Rowland 51
    Chris Roberts 51
    Don Edge 51
    John Morgan 51
    Geoff Watkinson 51
    Brian Lewis 51
    Matthew Lockett 51
    Maliusz Wisnibenski 51
    Paul Kelly 50
    Stuart Bell 50
    Karyn Macfarlane 50
    Rhian Jones 49
    Dave Benyon 49
    Steve Handby 49
    Simon Gibson 49
    Geoff Johnson 49
    Steven Watson 49
    Gareth Armitage 48
    Mike Everson 48
    Mark Lloyd 48
    Kelvin Maggs 48
    Roger Arnold 48
    Ian Bainbridge 48
    Mike Turner 47
    Mick Fern 47
    Richard Ardern 46
    Steve Macfarlane 46
    Ian Lockett 46
    Joe Brea 45
    Jack Rowland 45
    Phil Sharples 45
    Peter Glover 44
    Rachel Unsworth 44
    Helen Kelly 43
    David Hall 42
    Alan Meadows 36
  2. raygun

    raygun Non member

    Thanks for the scores Dave.

    Thanks to the Oldham lads for a new "route" that made a very interesting course.

  3. popsheep

    popsheep Lee Marvin & the Shadows

    Apr 17, 2009
    Oldham today

    My first visit to the club but wont be the last,a good quality course and thank god the wind was;nt howling, great company and enjoyed the shoot although Crinkle Craggs just pipped me .
    cheers to all
  4. raygun

    raygun Non member

    Hi Ian,
    Was nice to see you today.

    Don't know who let you enter but they're banned :D


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