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    Been doing some digging on this as well this morning...

    Favouring the drive route, but lets see what others are doing

    Spoke to Harry Preston who goes from Hull to Rotterdam and says it's easy with the guns (Holland doesn't need any paperwork as far as I can see)...

    There's also Harwich to the Hook of Holland.

    Ferry is about £160, the Harwich does a day sail so no need for a cabin, but even then they're £50 for a 4 berth. Doesn't seem to vary on price depending on how many in car, so say 3 in my wagon.

    Then 500 mile blast to Ebern. So that's a tank ( £80) in motor each way. Could be tacked onto a long day, or could be done the next day with a cheap motel for the night somewhere en route.

    So allow a tank, perhaps two for running around and getting to Harwich, say 4 tanks. If I can get 3 in the motor, that works out at about £130 each getting you there with no car hire needed. Just accommodation and food on top.

    Ebern is apparently small and booked out, so it might be once we know how many are actually going we can take over a hotel somewhere a bit futher out.

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