Walther Price Drop - making way for the New LG400 Models ???

Discussion in 'Walther' started by JasonGoldsmith66, Oct 15, 2010.

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    ....I had a sneaky feeling that German shops were eventually going to start making way for the NEWEST LG400 models in their showrooms, as Walther cranked up their manufacturing from Sept. 2010, and started delivering these guns in volume to resellers....AND, thereby forcing resellers to drop prices by selling off old NEW inventory of the LG300XT 10m guns...

    Well... its starting, as seen here: http://www.schiesssport-buinger.de/...lutec-blau-beige-inkl-Visierlinien--1609.html

    Euro 1300 / GBP 1140 (Spot rate of 1.14) :eek::eek: :D

    What this eventually means for the 16Joules / 12 lb/ft LG300 action for the Field Target models remains to be seen ....BUT, I dont think prices will come down on parts. Perhaps the Alutec alu frame chassis will eventually phased out :confused:...and the only proper FT model left in the line up will will be the single newly redesigned laminate - LG300 :confused:

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