Walther Hunter - Import from Estonia

Discussion in 'Walther' started by JasonGoldsmith66, Jun 26, 2011.

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    ....decided to try www.field-target.ee today out of the blue, after having given the website name out to a couple of STB members in the last couple of months looking for the same gun...and would have thought someone in the UK would have cleared them out ! ?...this happens to be the last Hunter they have.

    So am glad :D am getting my hands on this one :D ...but Its having a detour, headed to Krale to replace the 27J Reg. :)eek:) , by a more modest power 16J Reg. before heading to UK to my doorstep :D

    PS: There is one last supplier of Hunters, based in Italy, but at rip off price Euro1800 /GBP1700, and very unlikely to export to UK, but you could try:


    ...and Its a 21 Jouler..btw.

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