W.A.R Claret Jug results 13/4/14

Discussion in 'News and Results' started by milek, Apr 13, 2014.

  1. milek

    milek Active Member

    Dec 10, 2011
    Fantastic weather at W.A.R and a cracking course set by Johnny Smith for the first round of the Claret Jug. Nice to see visitors from Glevum & Kinver supporting us with their presence. Wind as usual catching us out especially on the lofters. Best score today came from John Holder with his trusty HW100. He’s struggled to hit 50 all year and then and goes and puts in a cracking 54. Well done that man.

    W.A.R. is open as usual next week despite the worlds.

    Thanks to JP & Alex for their help yesterday and for everyone who helped bring the targets in. It’s very much appreciated.

    John Holder 54
    Tone Male 53
    Alex Dermietzel 52
    Karl Guest 51
    Rob Lammerton 51
    Mark Russell 51
    Terry Hodgetts 50
    Graham Cole 50
    Mick Monaghan 50
    Mick Boswell 49
    J P Bradley 49
    Stuart Hill 48
    Ryan Ashman 47 ®
    Paul Sefton 47
    Dave Freeman 47
    Phil Tombs 46
    Darrin Lynn 45 ®
    Dave Hemmings 43
    Ash Bailey 43
    Chris Gamble 41
    Steve O’Sullivan 41
    Nick Parker 41
    Graham Hill 41
    Dave O’Sullivan 41
    Gareth Cox 39
    Martin Thomasson 33
    Lee Malpass 32 (.22)
    Mark Tansley 25 (.22)
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  2. Tone

    Tone Active Member

    Apr 29, 2010
    Bristol Aero & Quarry Hunters
    Thanks Mick, Johnny and War for a good course and well done to John for putting in the top score.

    Not only did we have the challenge of wind and range finding but those elevated and low targets (of which made up 80% of the course) were really hard to get your head around.

  3. Ash Bailey

    Ash Bailey Herder of delinquent cats.

    Nov 11, 2013
    Parkstone GC, Glevum, Nomads HFT.
    Enjoyed that!

    Many thanks to Mick, Johnny and all at WAR for a great course today - thoroughly enjoyed that! Always a cracking few hours, a great course and a nice bunch of people.

    Many thanks to my shooting buddy Nick - 41 is a damned good score for someone who's only been shooting a month, on his first HFT session. Well done bud! :)

    And as I got both standers I will put this date in my diary! :cool:

    And quote"...Thanks to JP & Alex for their help yesterday and for everyone who helped bring the targets in. It’s very much appreciated."

    Does that include the muppet who brings in a target before the shoot is finished??? {doh!!!!!}
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