VCR bill & limitations on selling scopes abroad

Discussion in 'General Airgun Chat' started by CameronWilson, Apr 25, 2010.

  1. CameronWilson

    CameronWilson Member

    Feb 24, 2010
    Hi Guys,

    I noticed on BAR's website that they say that they cannot EXPORT a scope over 4X mag?

    I'm selling my Deben 10-50X scope, and I've got a number of interested parties who live in Europe.

    Would the Government restrictions that BAR are talking about, stop me from selling my scope to a party in the EU?

    Any insight or views would be appreciated!


  2. JasonGoldsmith66

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    Oct 31, 2009
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    Hi there,

    The answer is no restrictions...why ? 'cause you are selling 2nd hand goods...and under some EEC directive regarding free trade & movement of goods...well, you are within your rights as a citizen.

    - Buying BRAND new scope from Germany & Holland, no problems sending to me in UK, and receiving. ie: UK customs will not seize the scope.
    - Buying BRAND new scope in UK, by say a South-African or Australian or New Zealander...Its a problem for them.
    - Buying BRAND new scope by a EEC national from a UK shop, no problemo. (BAR does not clarify...and I suspect they dont want to deal with the Labour introduced bureaucracy of filling out forms & paperwork just to mail the scope to France , Italy, Germany etc..)

    NB: UK Govt. Restrictions - copy cat of whatever happens in the US, Labour happily indulges & complies what goes on the other side of the pond, as WE airgunners all noticed that NV kit is subject to US Federal license when exporting out of US. Normal high power scopes ? no problemo.

    IRONY / SARCASM/ CYNICISM - all these scopes in large part are made in China, and come into UK; does the Labour Govt. really think Al Qaeda based in Afganistan or Somalia will order online from BAR ???? hence the paranoia clamp down on max mag X4 scopes ...completely NUTS , MR. GB :mad: Perhaps MI5 reported an unusual trend for terrorist organizations abroad buying scopes online in the UK ? is that the logic of these restrictions Mr GB ? ...and whoever in the Govt. introduced/suggested this rule as a security precaution reminds me of the Mr. BEAN sketches...LOL ! Labour are truly INEPT !
    (imagine the Buying Dept. Controller chap for Al Qaeda tells the comrade to buy online from Asian countries these same they can save on P&P ! LOL! )

    The way your question needs to be asked is this...will Customs of the country, of the buying party seize the scope ? ....I am 100% certain the answer is NO. Havent seen on Foums from Italy, Germany, Holland, Spain, France, restrictions made to its local citizens on buying NEW scopes from abroad...and certainly not when it comes to 2nd hand ones..

    Hope that helps clarify a bit ?

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