Troops Trophy Round 1 Results

Discussion in 'News and Results' started by Mo Smifff, Nov 18, 2012.

  1. Mo Smifff

    Mo Smifff New Member

    Jun 12, 2011
    Many, many thanks to everyone who turned out today.
    It was a great day with plenty of banter and hopefully a lot of money raised for a fantastic cause.

    We had 65 paying shooters attend today.

    Here are the results on countback.

    57 Fort Bill Jones
    57 Rivi Brian Heaps
    57 Fort Richard Jefferies
    56 Open Ryan Charlton
    55 Fort Kelvin Maggs
    55 Fort Chris Baker
    54 Rivi Steve Oultram
    54 Rivi Sam Oultram
    53 Rivi Geoff Watkinson
    53 Rivi Ian Unsworth
    53 Fort Nigel Jones
    52 Oldham Jim Harney
    51 Fort Mark Smith
    51 Fort Jon Jones
    51 Fort William Jefferies
    50 Fort Darran Powell
    50 Fort Gary Kelly
    50 Fort Steve Swift
    49 Oldham Melissa Rowland
    49 Castle Phil Gibbs
    48 Fort Mike Bate
    48 Oldham Ian Whiteside
    48 Oldham Gareth Rowland
    48 Fort Paul Rowland
    48 Oldham Don Edge
    48 Stockport Stuart Bell
    47 Fort Ian Roberts
    47 Greyhound Tye Forde
    46 Fort Drew Thompson
    46 Fort Emily Roberts
    45 Open Billy Johnson
    44 Oldham John Morgan
    44 Oldham Jack Rowland
    44 Kinver Dave Clements
    44 Fort Rhian Jones
    44 Fort Rick Hallam
    44 Fort Mia Roberts
    44 Oldham Bernie Jones
    44 Fort Brian Guest
    44 Oldham Matt Brookes
    43 Open Alex Gray
    43 Fort Carole Roberts
    43 Fort Sandra Davies
    42 Oldham Gareth Armitage
    41 Rivi Rachel Unsworth
    41 Oldham Simon Butterworth
    40 Oldham Bradley Cottrell
    40 Open Dean Reeves
    40 Fort Chris Roberts
    39 Fort Joe Downes
    38 Fort Connor Platt
    38 Oldham Rob Riley
    37 Open Gareth Towlson
    37 Fort Jarad Harris
    37 Fort Mark Lloyd
    36 Fort Simon Downes
    35 Open John Owens
    35 Oldham Josh Roberts
    33 Open Sean Flynn
    32 Greyhound Paddy Egan
    22 Open Gavin Davies
    20 Open Micheal Baxter

    Dave Benyon

    Un-returned cards
    John Bellis
    Jason Molyneux
    Gareth Oakes
    Anthony MS
    Chris Gill
    Mark Adamson

    Club Standings

    Top 5 shooters scores to count.

  2. Tye

    Tye Shabba

    Oct 31, 2011
    Atherstone, Shakespeares County
    Moxons ARC, Tamworth SG,Welsh Covert SG, Whittington GC, Greyhound GC
    had a good time will be at next round in Oldham
  3. Pad. E

    Pad. E Member

    Mar 1, 2010
    Had a great day.

    Good to see a the usual suspects again.

    I heard Gary before we saw him and that was at the other end of the lake :D

    Great to see Dave win the Daystate. If I won it, it would be put in a Jackal stock & camo'ed :eek:

    But most of all Weldone all for supporting it & raising the money for the Troops


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