HFT Theydon ARC Monthly Shoot - 05.10.2019

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    Aug 13, 2016
    Basildon, Essex
    Another challenging course with a tricky wind catching a few people out, and one target that had most people just scratching their head and wondering what happend.

    Scores are below

    Neil Wakelin 57 Open 1st After Shoot Off
    Richard Woods 57 Open 2nd After Shoot Off
    Paul Wetton 55 Open 3rd
    Jill Cochrane 54 Open
    Glenn Pickard 54 Open
    Jennie Stone 53 Open
    Paul Burt 53 Open
    Howard Kalisch 53 Open
    John Mode 53 Open
    Chris The Bubble 52 Open
    Andy Simpson 52 Open
    Jason Lockett 52 Open
    Simon Marriott 52 Open
    Chris Allum 50 Open
    John cooper 50 Open
    Gerald Kiely 50 Open
    Bob Truett 50 Open
    Matt Green 49 Open
    Steve Merritt 49 Open
    Jon Houghton 47 Open
    Brandon Houghton 43 Open
    Ray Brown 40 Open
    Keith Warburton 54 Recoiling
    Gary Chillingworth 52 Recoiling
    Danny Roff 52 Recoiling
    Rex Bennett 49 Recoiling
    Andy Day 49 Recoiling
    Simon Vant 48 Recoiling
    Jake Day 45 Recoiling
    Jean Greatrex 49 Ladies
    Lee O'Keefe 40 0.22
    Jay Mode 44 Juniors
    Finn Cochrane 54 Vets
    Ron Whitney 52 Vets

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