The last joke Mad Mark sent me.

Discussion in 'General Airgun Chat' started by Grayling, Sep 9, 2009.

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    I thought I'd share with the forum the last joke Mark sent me only a few days ago. I get litterally 100's of jokes sent to me every week and many BBS members will testify to this because they in turn then get them forwarded on from me.

    Mark always enjoyed getting these text jokes and said they brightened his day especially when the pain of his old injuries got fairly bad. I'm so glad now that I was able to make a good and brave bloke smile because he certainly made me smile.

    Talking to my best buddy sir Clifford last night as he, my eldest and I toasted our sadly missed friend with a whiskey at 21.00, we both agreed that what better epitaph can a man have than the mere mention of his name and some of the crazy antics he got up to and his equally crazy but very funny threads.

    Just mentioning Mark Brewster's name MAKES US REMEMBER AND SMILE.

    A man is kneeling by his bed
    hands together in prayer. His wife
    see's this and asks, WHAT ARE YOU PRAYING
    FOR ?? Her husband says ''GUIDANCE''. His wife
    says ''well pray for STIFFNESS instead,
    I'll guide the sodding thing myself''.

    At the time it was just another of the many jokes I get, but now sadly it means so much more.

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