The Jon Harris - P70FT "Ppreciousss..!"

Discussion in 'FWB' started by JasonGoldsmith66, Mar 18, 2012.

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    Took away from the desk as a paperweight...and let her loose onto the back garden for some plinking shots.

    The Pimps:

    1. BSA Barrel - pretty good...will do some target groupings later
    2. JH Scope Rail by the Guru - raised the rear rail by 0.40 / 0.50 mm AND reset elevation turret to center - "0" (ie: for 5 full revolution up, or 5 full revolution down either ways)
    3. Weihrauch silencer - screwed onto barrel 1/2UNF - what sound ??
    4. GINB - polyamide rear butt hook (cheap & cheerful)
    5. Quick Fill on Polished air cylinder
    6. Fwb P700 laminate stock supplied by Jurgen - who supplies all Fwb stocks from Germany in pristine condition
    7. Will fit a Falcon T50 with a JH wheel - The Nikko Target Master is just a cheapy ' tester'.

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