Technical Questions: Walther Titanium Cylinders

Discussion in 'Walther' started by JasonGoldsmith66, May 14, 2011.

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    Was wondering if anyone knows what is the wall thickness of the titanium cylinder versus the Walther factory oem Steel and Alu cylinder ?

    Also, in Germany, they say that the life span is 10 years on the steel and or alu cylinder, and thereafter it should be tested like an MOT....and I think any cylinder beyond 10 years is not allowed on guns in 10m competitions.....This would apply to the alu ones as well.

    Anyone have any engineering perspective on the lifespan of a titanium cylinder ? Are we talking forever, in one's lifetime duration ? Or is there a stat for Mean Life Before Failure ?
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    well, how do they know when they were manufactured? ;) Most etch theirs on manufacture, so what stops you doing the same with a blank one 10 years old, 2 days before a comp? UK law doesn't require a test date for under 500cc's i believe.

    The reliance on stamps bemuses me. The F stamp on my 6ft-lb says it's legal across europe... but it's on the block, not the reg or it's internals...

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