Swefta / wefta challenge 10-10-10

Discussion in 'News and Results' started by RAIDER, Oct 11, 2010.


    RAIDER Member

    Mar 13, 2010
    East Devon FTC
    not sure of the score but i think the WEFTA lads won by 5 targets. a realy good day out and with thanks to BUCKLEY WOOD FTC and their members for the course / food etc.
    and thanks to the WEFTA lads and lasses who travelled to buckley. im sure the scores will be posted at some stage.

    raider (jimmer)
  2. Artfull-Bodger

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    Feb 7, 2010
    Twas a WAFTA win, not by much mind you was a close run thing!

    I would like to say thanks to the Buckley Wood club for a great day out, a friendly atmosphere and a well laid out event made the trip well worthwhile!
    many thanks.
  3. PeteM

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    Nov 8, 2008
    Chagford, Dartmoor, Devon
    SWEFTA vs WAFTA Scores

    WAFTA 323, SWEFTA 318
    40 Target Course

    FT Individual

    1st Peter Jacobs (W) 37/40
    2nd Dave Nash (S) 34
    3rd Pete Montanez (S) 34
    4th Rod Davis (S) 34
    5th Bertie Bassett (W) 33
    6th David Williams (W) 33
    7th Mark Sheperd (W) 33
    8th Charlie Morrison (S) 33
    9th Jack Harris (W) 33
    10th Paul Salmon (S) 33

    WAFTA team

    Peter Jacobs 37
    Michael Long 33
    Mark Shepherd 33
    David Williams 33
    Derek Bendon 33
    Jack Harris 33
    Bertie Basset 33
    Nigel Hayman 32
    Rhys Bowen 30
    Dave Gage 26

    Team total 323

    SWEFTA team

    Dave Nash 34
    Pete Montanez 34
    Rod Davis 34
    Paul Salmon 33
    Charlie Morrison 33
    Alec Gibb 33
    Nigel Palmer 30
    Barry Smith 30
    Chris Jones 29
    Paul Eaton 28

    Team total 318


    1st Tony Crabbe (S)
    2nd Andy Rodgers (S)
    3rd Garry Marshall (S)

    REPORT by Kevin Jackman

    15 Welsh shooters and 28 South West shooters turned out for the annual challenge shoot, this year hosted by Buckley Wood.
    The day started out dull and grey, but dry with a tricky little wind.
    As the morning passed by, the sun graced us with it's presence and it turned into a nice (but still windy) autumn afternoon.

    The courses at Buckley have just had a revamp, with extra lanes being laid out and targets reset on both the FT and HFT sections.
    The standard of shooting was high, culminating in some extensive shoot-off's being required to settle 2nd through to 10th place for the Individual FT positions.

    The Welsh boys put in a very good performance, resulting in taking the team honours by just 5 points, congratulations to them.
    Well done to the SWEFTA lads for a close fought battle.

    Roz and Anne did their usual sterling job in the canteen, keeping all well fed and happy, good job girls.

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