Swefta 2012 Rd 9 - South Devon

Discussion in 'Calender Events' started by NJR 100, Nov 25, 2011.

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    After eight rounds and just this final round of the 2012 season to be played out, there are some interesting possibilities to contemplate. :)

    AA grade looks like a done job, with Steve Franklin on 575, Nigel Street on 556 and Alec Gibbs on 537. Alec still has a 76 he can drop from the Dartmoor shoot, so can overtake Nigel for 2nd place, depending on what Nigel does at South Devon.

    A grade is still wide open with Paul Salmon on 513, Pete Montanez on 506, Tim Clarke on 503 and Nigel Palmer on 501. Nigel and Tim both have some low scores they can drop, and a last minute charge is on the cards. :D

    B grade is also looking very interesting, with Bill Hartnoll on top with 474, Graham Noyce on 445, Adam Hulcoop on 395, and Phil May on 394. Not far behind is Alan Burnham on 376 but Alan has a match in hand, and whatever he scores at South Devon will be added to his score. If Alan should happen to grab top score of the day, he might just pip Bill Hartnoll. Alan's likely to grab third place with just a half decent score. But Adam's got a low score from East Devon he can drop, and fend off the challenge.

    C grade is done and dusted for the top slot, Damian on 389 can't be beaten, and the next two places will be between Malcolm Hulak and Dean Bailey.

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