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    3rd Oct

    On Sunday the 3rd of Oct Horsham HFT Club will be hosting a Fun Shoot and awarding trophies to the winners of the 2010 Sussex Inter Club competition.

    Trophies will be awarded to the 1st 2nd and 3rd place winners in the following sections, as well as the much coveted Team Trophies which, as you know, will be staying at Buxted for one more year.


    As the aim of the day is to have a bit of fun to end this years Sussex Inter Club we have decided to put on a Gamble Shoot.

    Andy and his burger van will be on site.

    Gates open 8.00am, Booking in from 9.00am, and we hope to start around 10.00am

    Here's wh - at we have lined up for the day

    Gamble shoot– The actual shoot will be HFT layout but unassigned stances. The shooter will be able to pick which stance to use and will get 3 points for a standing knockdown, 2 points for a kneeling knockdown and 1 point for a prone knockdown. There will be no points for plates (or misses – obviously).

    Bonus Bunny – There will be a random prize draw of 3 score cards at the end of the day which will win those people money prizes. Awarded at the end of day - if your not there you don't get it.

    Side Shoot 1: Bell Target – The first side shoot will be a bell target shoot costing £1 per go. 5 Shots at a target placed a reasonable distance away. The winner will be the person who ‘rings the bell the most times in their 5 shots. A shoot out or timed round will resolve draws.

    Side Shoot 2: Match Stick Range – The second side shoot will be a range of 10 matchsticks which each shooter will get 10 shots at. The most matchsticks knocked down results in the winner. Once again this side shoot will cost £1 a go. A shoot out or timed round will resolve draws.

    So come along have fun and suport you team members that were skilled enough to win a trophy.

    If you still don't know were we are

    Post code RH12 4SX


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