Summer Gauntlet R3 Fort 13/7/2014

Discussion in 'News and Results' started by Dave Ramshead, Jul 13, 2014.

  1. Dave Ramshead

    Dave Ramshead England HFT Team squatter

    Apr 16, 2009
    Preston, Lancs
    Rivington Riflemen
    Thanks to the team at Fort for an enjoyable day, even the rain stayed off for most of it.

    Open - Dave Ramshead
    Oddball - Phil Frost
    Veteran - Ray Ross
    Lady - Rhian Jones
    Bonus Bunny - Andy Stevenson

    Name Club Score
    Dave Ramshead RR 57
    James McLachlan RR 55
    Tommy Russell FM 54
    Mark Smith FO 54
    Justin Grice 54
    Rhian Jones FO 53
    Paul Kelly RR 53
    John Sawrey FM 53
    Daz Taylor RR 53
    Nigel Jones FO 52
    Harry Compton RR 52
    Elliott Compton RR 52
    Bill Jones FO 52
    Richard Jefferies FO 51
    Ray Ross RR 51
    Matt Brookes OL 51
    Kieran Lewis FO 51
    Nigel Oram CHD 50
    Karyn Macfarlane RR 50
    Dave Benyon RR 50
    Jim Harney OL 49
    Ian Roberts FO 49
    Ian Paul RR 49
    Dave Taylor RR 49
    Brian Lewis FO 49
    Gareth Armitage OL 48
    Chris Roberts FO 48
    Mia Roberts FO 47
    Andy Stevenson FO 47
    Steven Macgregor FO 46
    Steve Macfarlane RR 46
    Roger Arnold FM 46
    Phil Frost FO 46
    Kelvin Maggs FO 46
    Brian Franklin FO 46
    Melissa Rowland OL 45
    James Watson RR 45
    Simon Gibson RR 43
    Shaun Rayner FM 43
    Mariusz Wisniewski OL 43
    Jack Rowland OL 43
    Bert Tate 43
    Emily Roberts FO 42
    Drew Thompson FO 41
    Ryan Flook OL 39
    Dave Devlin FM 38
    Helen Kelly RR 36
    Ben Rayner FM 32
    Tom Frost FO 31
    Richard Chaplin FO 30
    Mike Everson DNF

    Adjusted Scores:
    Emily Roberts 48 to 42, mistotalled
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