Summer Gauntlet 2012 - R4 Rivi 1/7/2012 - Sponsored By Aim Field Sports

Discussion in 'News and Results' started by Dave Ramshead, Jul 1, 2012.

  1. Dave Ramshead

    Dave Ramshead England HFT Team squatter

    Apr 16, 2009
    Preston, Lancs
    Rivington Riflemen
    What a day! Super tough course, perfect balance with the Turton wind having it's way with so many. One very worthy winner today in John Oldroyd and the latest addition to the red badge club.

    Thanks to Nige & Sarah for the usual high standard catering

    Emily Clark is again top junior (get your wallet out Scott ), and Lee meadows gains the honour of oddest of balls :)

    Name Club Class score
    John Oldroyd RR Open 58
    James McLachlan RR Open 55
    Jim Harney OL Open 54
    Brian Lewis FO Open 54
    Mark Smith FO Open 54
    Sam Oultram RR Open 54
    Dave Ramshead RR Open 54
    Ray Ross RR Open 54
    Emily Clark FO Jnr 53
    Chris Baker FO Open 53
    Bill Jones FO Open 53
    Danny Jones FO Open 53
    Steve Macfarlane RR Open 53
    Brian Heaps RR Open 52
    Harry Compton Clan Open 51
    Rick Ardern HG Open 51
    Andy Jones RR Open 51
    Greg Morss Open 51
    Elliott Compton Clan Jnr 50
    Andy Stevenson FO Open 50
    John Rawnsley RR Open 50
    Derek Whittingham RR Open 50
    Connor Ford HG Jnr 49
    Chris Morton RR Open 49
    Scott Clark FO Open 48
    Brian Franklin FO Open 48
    Carole Roberts FO Open 48
    Mick McTighe HG Open 48
    Andy McLachlan RR Open 48
    Alex Dewsbury Open 48
    Alan Jackson FM Open 47
    John Sawrey FM Open 47
    Steve Oultram RR Open 47
    Steve Taylor RR Open 47
    Phil Young RR Open 47
    Tommy Russell FM Open 46
    Chris Roberts FO Open 46
    Paul Thelwell FO Open 46
    Roger Arnold FM Open 45
    Drew Thompson FO Open 45
    Karyn Macfarlane RR Open 45
    Matt Ford HG Open 44
    Aretha Devanney HG Open 44
    Ken Gould HG Open 43
    Ian Unsworth RR Open 43
    Lee Meadows RR Odd 43
    Sandra Davies FO Open 42
    Geoff Watkinson RR Open 42
    Ian Roberts FO Open 41
    Chris Tucker RR Odd 41
    Anthony Hopkins RR Open 40
    Glen Hoskin Clan Jnr 39
    M Bate Open 39
    Emily Roberts FO Jnr 38
    Alan Meadows RR Open 37
    L Warwick Odd 27
    N Melland Jnr 16
    Dave Benyon - DNF

    A technical query was raised against target 11, the target was checked by the marshalling team and deemed to be out of current UKAHFT spec (with regard to the size of kill to target range), so has been withdrawn from the competition.

    Scores adjusted accordingly.
    1 x other card correction applied, Ken Gould - 45>43, incorrectly totalled.

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