Summer Gauntlet 2012 - R2 Rivi 13/5/2012

Discussion in 'News and Results' started by Dave Ramshead, May 13, 2012.

  1. Dave Ramshead

    Dave Ramshead England HFT Team squatter

    Apr 16, 2009
    Preston, Lancs
    Rivington Riflemen
    Shoot Reoprt: V V Windy, and then some :D

    Thanks to Rivi for a a good well balanced course and to Nige & Sarah for the catering.

    Target 14 was removed from the competition quite late, score cards have been corrected accordingly.

    Well done To Elliott Compton, Steve Oultram & Chris Morton - with Elliot and Steve being new members of the red badge club. Top 3 positions on countback.


    Name Club Class score
    Elliott Compton Clan Jnr 51
    Chris Morton RR Open 51
    Steve Oultram RR Open 51
    Matthew Foster FO Open 50
    Gavyn Jones Open 50
    Dave Ramshead RR Open 49
    Andy Jones RR Open 49
    John Oldroyd RR Open 48
    Karyn McFarlane RR Open 48
    Brian Franklin FO Open 47
    Don Edge OL Open 47
    James McLachlan RR Open 47
    Ian Unsworth RR Open 47
    Alan Foster FO Open 46
    Mark Smith FO Open 46
    Drew Thompson FO Open 46
    Mick McTighe HG Open 46
    Jim Harney OL Open 46
    Dave Benyon RR Open 46
    Phil Sharples RR Open 46
    Ian Bloxham RR Open 46
    Mark Wilson Open 46
    Michelle Thompson Open 46
    Dave Duncan CH Open 45
    Scott Clark FO Open 45
    Bill Jones FO Open 45
    Mikey Heathcote HG Open 45
    Lee Meadows RR Open 45
    Ian Paul RR Open 45
    John Sayer BL Open 44
    Tommy Russell FM Open 44
    Brian Heaps RR Open 44
    Samie Ramshead RR Open 44
    Barry Sayer BL Odd 43
    Harry Compton Clan Open 43
    Chris Baker FO Open 43
    Alan Laurikietis OL Open 43
    John Rawnsley RR Open 43
    Sam Oultram RR Open 43
    Geoff Watkinson RR Open 43
    Steve Mcfarlane RR Open 43
    Sean Thornton Open 43
    Craig Rochell CL Open 42
    Brian Lewis FO Open 42
    Phillip Mykytiuk RO Open 42
    Harry Thornley RR Open 42
    Bert Tate Open 42
    Paul Livesey OL Open 41
    Mike Everson Open 41
    Darren Powell Open 41
    Julian Thomas FO Open 40
    Dave Martin HG Odd 40
    Ray Ross RR Open 40
    Steve Taylor RR Open 40
    Rachel Unsworth RR Jnr 40
    Chris Ely TV Open 40
    Peter Bently FM Odd 39
    Ian Roberts FO Open 39
    Matthew Lockett OL Jnr 39
    Phoebe Brookes OL Jnr 39
    Roger Arnold FM Open 38
    Alan Meadows RR Open 38
    Carole Roberts FO Open 37
    Sophie Smith FO Jnr 37
    Matt Brookes OL Open 37
    Derek Whittingham RR Open 37
    Emily Clark FO Jnr 36
    Gareth Rowland OL Open 36
    Steven Adshead RO Open 36
    Paul Thelwell FO Open 35
    Emily Roberts FO Jnr 34
    Kurtis Perrigo OL Open 34
    Jack Rowland OL Open 32
    Ian Lockett OL Open 32
    Anthony Hopkins RR Open 32
    Paul Kelly Odd 32
    Sandra Davies Open 32
    Glen Hoskin Clan Jnr 30
    Ken Gould HG Open 30
    Simon Butterworth OL Open 30
    Chris Pilkington OL Open 30
    Matthew Adshead RO Jnr 29
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  2. Sniper Lee

    Sniper Lee Member

    May 21, 2010
    Cheers Dave

    Hi Mate many thanks for the quick turn around, I shot springer today in the odd ball mate looking to challenge for the boinger this time


  3. raygun

    raygun Non member

    Well done with the scores Dave.

    Hope we haven't used up all the wind :D

  4. dave benyon

    dave benyon Spirit of HFT 2009

    Apr 16, 2009
    Lytham, lancs
    Need to save some for the national Ray, :)
  5. D Martin

    D Martin Non member

    No please turn the wind machine off :)
    Brilliant day and instead of learning how to shoot the new springer I got a lesson on shooting in the wind ( or rather how not to do it ) ;)
    Really enjoyed it all the same it was a cracking course as usual st Rivi and at least I was the only one from our club members NOT to get a doughnut which made for some good banter on the way home.
    Thanks for the scores Dave.


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