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    Hi folks,

    I have recently managed to get myself a used 2008 Steyr LP10 Pistol. It is in very very good condition and shoots well. It needed a little adjustment to the stabiliser as it wasn't coming back far enough. Anyway the question is this. On the pistol it has an extra large grip. My hands to be honest are not extra large. Measuring across the palm as suggested suggests on the Steyr website I am on the border between medium & large grips. When holding the pistol with the extra large grip it feels fine, I am aware if I kept this grip a little buffing will be required along the trigger finger area. everywhere else seems fine. The centre bone in my fingers are at the front of the grip and my thumb can sit relatively well on the thumb rest. Do you think its worth trying to find a large grip? Or would I be as well to engineer the one I have around my hand in the little bits that may need it?

    It was suggested doing a talc test. Cover my hand in talc and fire off a couple of shots and see where the high spots are. There seemed to be good coverage on the grip afterwards. Maybe the grips are just small made?

    Any other advice would be appreciated.


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