Steyr Air Tube Disassembly instructions

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    Steyr LG110 Air Reservoir Tube Disassembly

    I didn t start taking pictures until the end so I don t have more.

    1st - make sure you empty all the air, I used the fitting that came with the gun intended for filling and just tightened it up until it opened the valve stem and I let the pressure slowly go down.

    2nd - My airtube had the Steyr quick fill and manometer so removed the plastic protector out of the probe hole and used a #2 Phillips screwdriver with electrical tape wrapped around the shaft. Insert the tape protected part of the shaft into the probe fill hole and use the screwdriver as a wrench to unthread the assembly. It came off rather easily.

    3rd - remove the aluminum valve end. I tried with an adjustable spanner wrench with NO luck. This assembly is on their tight. After all kind of maneuvers, I contacted my airgun/machinist genius David Alsup. He gave me a great solution.

    3.a - Place a piece of masking tape over the end of the air tube with the 3 pin holes and use a drill bit that closely matches the size of the pin holes to “punch†holes in the tape. See below:

    3.b - transpose the tape to a piece of metal (I used 2 in channel iron) and use the tape as a pattern to drill the holes precisely in the metal to be used for leverage

    3.c - clamp the tube securely in a vice. I used 2 wood blocks with some gripping material and a strap wrench to support it. It is best to have help at this point

    3.d - put the same drill bit used as well as other bits if you have enough in the wholes of the metal to use as a spanner wrench. I didn t have enough bits so I used T20 Torx bits off wrenches i had.

    3.e - put tape back over aluminum fill piece and insert metal and “pins†into the pinholes of the aluminum fill piece.

    3.f - use the metal & pins as a spanner wrench and unscrew aluminum fill piece while holding the tube tight. This took some effort

    Pictures when done...

    Now it s off to the anodizers for a color change ;-)

    Hope this helps someone. Thank you David Alsup.
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    Nov 5, 2013
    be careful about clamping tubes in vices chum.
    how about getting your machinist friend to make you something along these lines ....
    less danger of crimping or flattening or scratching your new anodising ....use a bit of tape to protect
    this was for a walther but you get the idea.....

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