Springfield Monthly HFT results 12-Oct 2019 & Winter League Announcement

Discussion in 'News and Results' started by Phil Kennett, Oct 12, 2019 at 3:56 PM.

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    Aug 7, 2018
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    Bit of a damp shoot today, however a quality field turned out for a tough course

    Top scores by Vanty in the Open and Harry in the Springer class, well done chaps

    Next month is the start of the Springfield HFT winter League, this will be on the usual second Saturday of the month and is open to members and non-members at no extra cost. The competition is over 5 months, November to March with the best 4 scores out of 5 being taken to determine the winners.

    There will be two classes, Open and Springer.
    The top 3 scores of the open comp will win trophies (gold, silver and Bronze)
    The top 2 scores of the Spring class will win trophies (gold and silver)

    There will also be a bonus raffle for everyone who has attended 4 shoots, with the prize of £50 for the winner

    Normal prizes are still given out as per the monthly comp

    Simon Vant 58
    Chris Allum 56
    Paul Burt 55
    Alex Larkin 55
    John Cooper 55
    Ron Whitney 54
    Phil Hudson 53
    Howard Kalisch 53
    Phil Stanley 52
    Matt Green 52
    Steve Carter 52
    Tom Wakefield 52
    Chris Theo 51
    Richard Blackshire 50
    Jason Lockett 50
    Anwar Ghazi 49
    Steve Merrett 49
    Bob Truett 47
    Kevin Clarke 46
    Jennie Stone DNF
    Richard Woods DNF

    Harry Kalaydjian 54
    Danny Roff 48
    Gary Chillingworth 47
    Rex Bennett 47
    Jake Day 41
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