Springfield May Day FT/HFT Shoot

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  1. Tartan

    Tartan Member

    Mar 21, 2012
    Springfield ARC - SEFTA

    Well that was a first! Running FT and HFT shoots at the same time that complied with their respective rules. I hope everyone that attended enjoyed the format, if there is interest we will do it again.

    First HFT, a well fought battle between Colin Wilson and Vince Holland saw Colin come out on top with a 58/60, great shooting. 3rd went to Ron Whitney on a 55/60. The full HFT results can be found below.

    In FT Andy Mason was the overall winner with 33/40, a first win for Andy and well deserved. Joint 2nd were Ian Challis and Peter Bygrave. Again the full results are below.

    Thanks to everyone that supported the event, see you again soon.


    Name Score Grade Position Club
    1 Andy Mason 33 B 1st FT Springfield
    2 Ian Challis 32 A 2nd FT Springfield
    3 Peter Bygrave 32 A 2nd FT Springfield
    4 Steve Carter 31 A Iceni
    5 Dave Hatfield 31 AA Beechwood
    6 Phil Lawrence 31 A Springfield
    7 Colin Eaton 31 A ETL
    8 Colin Richardson 31 A Midshires
    9 David Clark 31 A Midshires
    10 Natalie Shead 30 A Iceni
    11 Jody Wiles 30 A Iceni
    12 Lori Richardson 30 B Midshires
    13 David Purcell 30 A Beechwood
    14 Graham Jopson 30 A ETL
    15 Paul Tyler 28 C Springfield
    16 Steve How 28 B Beechwood
    17 Peter Cooke 28 B Midshires
    18 Ian Young 27 A Springfield
    19 Barry McDonald 27 A Springfield
    20 Jason Cheeseman 27 C ETL
    21 Helen Carragher 27 A Midshires
    22 Peter J Edwards 27 B Springfield
    23 Peter Stickings 26 C ETL
    24 Harry Farrow 24 C ETL
    25 Gerry Williams 22 A Iceni
    26 Leann Mason 22 C Springfield
    27 Phil Saltmarsh 20 A Iceni
    28 Stan Kempton 19 A Springfield
    29 Gary Keogh 18 C ETL
    30 John Walker 18 A Springfield
    31 Barry Simpson 15 B Iceni
    32 Colin Wilson 58/60 HFT 1st HFT MAD/SARC
    33 Vince Holland 57/60 HFT 2nd HFT MAD
    34 Ron Whitney 55/60 HFT 3rd HFT Springfield
    35 Jill Cochrane 54/60 HFT MAD/SARC
    36 Steve Edmondson 54/60 HFT Cambridge
    37 Glen Pickard 54/60 HFT Springfield
    38 Mike Averill 54/60 HFT MAD
    39 Geoff Ryder 53/60 HFT MAD
    40 Finn Cochrane 52/60 HFT MAD/SARC
    41 Gert Spoelstra 50/60 HFT Springfield
    42 Bob Brand 49/60 HFT Springfield
    43 C. Allum 43/60 HFT Wendover
    44 Keith Billinge 41/60 HFT Springfield
    45 Peter Sheridan 40/60 HFT Wendover
    46 Andy Sexton 39/60 HFT Springfield
    47 Vic Townsend 35/60 HFT Springfield
    48 Linda O'Malley DNF HFT Springfield

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  2. kilty

    kilty Member

    Nov 19, 2008
    Great turn out today.
    Thanks to everyone that came and enjoyed the day.
    Thanks to Ian and Paul for setting the courses.

    Well Done Andy and Colin on your wins:D
    Cheers. Barry
  3. Amason007

    Amason007 Active Member

    Dec 25, 2013
    SE London/Kent
    Thanks Ian. Great course again.

    Cheers Barry.

    Some video footage below.



    <iframe width="560" height="315" src="https://www.youtube.com/embed/b3qmlRJaLaI" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>
  4. Ouch!

    Ouch! New Member

    Mar 19, 2015
    Brentwood, Essex
    Springfield ARC
    Oh, the video cuts off just when I was going to win!



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