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    The Spirit of HFT (UKAHFT Style) Special award 2009

    Following the success Spirit of HFT award introduction 2 years ago, it is that time again for you to vote for this special award nominating the person that you feel best reflects the spirit of HFT (UKAHFT Style). The vote will be a secret ballot with nominations from those shooters that attend UKAHFT events, the award will be presented at The Gathering this year.

    So, what is the spirit, who has the spirit?

    Not necessarily someone who is always in the top ten, or a top shot, or someone always in the magazines, so who is it that has it?
    Is it turning up at event without a care what you score, always there, always willing to help in any way they can. Never a moan never a groan a real friendly type who you don t mind shooting with or can rely on if needed. Or maybe someone who really hasn t a chance of winning a top trophy but someone you would like to see rewarded for their dedication and efforts someone who gives their time freely somewhere who stand out there regardless of the weather.
    You tell us, you decide and then nominate the person who you would like to see receive this award.

    Previous Winners

    2007 Richard Harley
    2008 Chris Cundey

    Send nominations to info@ukahft.co.uk please title your email “HFT Spirit†and include your name and the name of the person you are nominating, ONLY ONE vote per person please. Please note UKAHFT Organisers are excluded from this award.

    The Gathering & All Comers forms are now also available http://www.ukahft.co.uk/gathering.html#list

    UKAHFT Pairs (Supporter card holders only)

    Please remember to add your scores as you could win a 2010 season ticket, which will be drawn at the Gathering

    Pistol HFT

    If you haven t tried it come and give it a go, both me and Jane are surprised how much fun it isJ

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    Apr 16, 2009
    Vote sent :)

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