Southern Hunters Series - Cambridge

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    There is one session per round

    Booking in will be from 08:30 until 10:15

    The safety brief will be held just before shooting starts and all competitors must attend.

    Session will start at 10:30

    Awards will be made as soon as possible once all the score cards are in at the end of the session.

    There will be trophies at each round for:

    •1st - 3rd Open Class
    •1st - Recoil
    •1st - Ladies
    •1st - Junior
    •1st - .22

    In addition at each round there will be a cash "bonus bunny" pulled from the score cards returned on the day. Plus there will be three Air Arms Goody Bags to be won - you have to be there to win!

    Don't forget that at the end of the season we have a rifle to be won in the draw, you will need to have attended at least 5 rounds to be in the draw for the rifle....

    You can also win a Platinum badge as soon as you earn five gold badges!

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