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    Aug 25, 2010
    Many thanks to Terry and Chris plus all who helped set and clear the course today and many thanks to all who came along to shoot it, I am realising Southern Hunters are a fairly special breed!
    Particular well done to Jenny, Roy, Graeme, and Barbara on their class wins. The bonus bunny went to Derek Watson, the Air Arms Goody Bags went to Aaron, Greet, and Steb. Finally thanks to Terry at Ford for the beer raffle and well done to Jenny for winning it and probably Richard on drinking it! (proceeds to armed forces / Poppy Appeal)

    Scores today are as follows:
    Firstname Surname Class Score Badge
    Jenny Stone Open 58 Gold
    Richard Woods Open 57 Gold
    Steve Light Open 56 Gold
    Rudy Goldslade Open 56 Gold
    Mike Byford Open 55 Gold
    Paul Hopper Open 55 Gold
    Aaron Friend Open 54 Gold
    Andy Simpson Open 54 Gold
    Lewis Hodges Open 53 Silver
    Colin Wilson Open 53 Silver
    Gary Morrison Open 52 Silver
    Gary Friend Open 51 Silver
    Simon Williams Open 51 Silver
    Nigel Buchan Open 50 Silver
    Eric Bynum Open 50 Silver
    Terry Aiken Open 49 Silver
    Charles Peal Open 49 Silver
    Justin Roberts Open 49 Silver
    Rick Bowell Open 48 Bronze
    Kim Lum Open 48 Bronze
    Greet Hopper Open 48 Bronze
    Alan Goodrun Open 47 Bronze
    Steb Martinez Open 47 Bronze
    David Martin Open 46 Bronze
    Don Berrington Open 45 Bronze
    Anthony Smith Open 45 Bronze
    John Lawler Open 44 Bronze
    Ken Sayer Open 43
    Tom Dearing Open 40
    Jonathan Herwit Open 40
    Spencer Bailey Open 39
    Richard Alderton Open 39
    Peter Briton Open 37
    Roy Pearce Recoil 46 Silver
    Derek Watson Recoil 45 Silver
    Chris Roberts Recoil 42 Bronze
    Martin Hills Recoil 38 Bronze
    David Sandwell Recoil 37
    Karl Pott Recoil 36
    Mark Stanley Recoil 36
    Davy Thomas Recoil 36
    Mark Lamberts Recoil 34
    Simon Pittaway Recoil 34
    Graeme Cargan 0.22 47 Silver
    John Kirkwood 0.22 41 Bronze
    Ed Tandi 0.22 41 Bronze
    Mike Burgess 0.22 39 Bronze
    Phil Stoaks 0.22 32
    John Lacy (Wurz) 0.22 31
    Barbara Pearce Ladies 42

    The badges are available if you did not buy one today or at previous shoots - just ask Terry, Chris or myself when signing in.
    Next Round is at MAD on 4th January - you would have to be ..... very silly to miss it!

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