Southern Hunter Series - Round 5 at Mile Oak

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  1. Big Dave

    Big Dave New Member

    Apr 22, 2009
    Hayes, Middx
    06/01/13 - Mile Oak - BN41 2RF

    Booking in will be from 0800 until 1145.
    Session 1 will start at 0930 or as soon as 60 shooters have booked in.
    Session 2 will start at 1230 (Assuming no major delays in session 1)

    Bonus Bunny draw will be soon(ish) after the second session has finished.

    This will be a 30 shot / 30 peg HFT course, built to the 2012 UKAHFT specificatiom

    Oen to all sub 12ft/lb air rifle shooters, experienced or not. Any shooters new to HFT please let us know when you book in and you ll be put with an experienced HFTer, who ll help you.
    Juniors must be accompanied by a responsible adult.

    Please drive at WALKING pace through the farm. Thanks



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