Southern Hunter Series Rnd 1 Results

Discussion in 'News and Results' started by Big Dave, Nov 4, 2013.

  1. Big Dave

    Big Dave New Member

    Apr 22, 2009
    Hayes, Middx
    Thanks to everyone who attended and everyone at Buxted for a great start to the season.

    Charles Peal O 59
    Eric Bynum O 59
    Mike Byford O 58
    Richard Woods O 57
    Sam Robinson O 57
    Andy Simpson O 55
    Tony Archer O 55
    Jennie Stone O 54
    Steve Buckley O 53
    Gary Morrison O 52
    Peter Goodwin O 52
    Peter Pacer O 52
    Phillip Jacobs O 52
    Pioter GabryAnczyk O 52
    Steve Nailor O 52
    Chris Silcock O 51
    Martin Slane O 51
    John Carliell O 50
    Kim Lum O 50
    Nigel Buchan O 50
    Stuart Woods O 50
    Charlie Harman O 49
    Jeff Westley O 49
    Richard Gallop O 49
    Tas Violaris O 49
    Bruce Stevenson O 48
    Colin Wilson O 48
    Justin Rhone O 48
    Lewis Hodges O 48
    Matt Rawlings O 48
    Nigel Wheal O 48
    John McDonald O 47
    Wayne Pearce O 46
    Jon Fairman O 45
    Mariusz Morzuch O 45
    Barbara Pearce O 44
    Rob Hobson O 44
    Andrew Kundrotas O 43
    Robert Smith O 43
    Dave Pickett O 42
    Mark Coshall O 40
    Edward Jordanek O 38
    Mark Wood O 38
    Terry Evans O 38
    Nigel Hammond O 36
    Duane Saunders O 30

    Darren Cruttenden R 50
    Roy Pearce R 49
    Chris Tyhurst R 47
    Dave Maun R 45
    Graham Cargan R 41
    Aaron Friend R 40
    John Turnbull R 39
    Davy Thomas R 38
    Conrad Wells R 36
    Gary Friend R 31

    Edward Tandi 22 47
    Anthony Smith 22 41
    John Lacy 22 37
    John Kirkwood 22 34

    Becky Rawlings J 53
    Charlie Jacobs J 51
    Rudy Goldslade J 49
    Jonathon Chidzoy J 47

    See you at WLR in a fortnight.

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  2. tugg

    tugg itchy trigger finger

    Jul 16, 2012
    springfield and mad
    lost my shooting glove

    as posted on bbs ,Hi, If shooting extra crap wasn't enough I left my shooting glove over there ,Its a black and grey sauer glove for the right hand(lefty) . If any one finds it let me know please . I think I may have left it on the workbench where I parked my bike.
    Cheers Tugg
  3. blackscale

    blackscale Member

    Apr 17, 2009
    Portslade Brighton
    Would love to shoot your's Dave but i am booked into the gathering...can't you do Saturday...:rolleyes::D:D
    Your Glove is in the Buxted shed Colin x
    Great day, just need to Ban Charles and Eric the impaler! :D:D

    Nearly forgot, our open next sunday! see some of you there!


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