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    Now that I ve finally got a fair idea of the trajectory set up of my S400 Carbine/MTC Viper 3-12x44/AA Field 4.52 combo, I ve made up a range card. At first I put it inside the cover of my score card holder (ok, DVD case:rolleyes:) but I found it a pain to keep referring to by having to pick it up or pull it out of my pocket first. I then put a sticker version on the inside of my rear flip up lens cover but found it nigh on impossibly small to refer to and had to break head position to be able to focus on it (I could have put a larger version on the front flip up lens cover but I m happy with the way it flips open (It opens to the right) and is part of my ‘routine before taking a shot). So I started looking for something else.

    I was looking in a copy of Combat & Survival while at work (The looking was work related as we advertise in there) and I saw a wrist band mounted display panel.

    Ok, It s called the Solo Commanders & Navigators GRG (Grid Reference & Graphics) Wrist Band. It has a total of three panels (2x 15cmX6cm clear panels and 1x 20cmX15cm A5 size clear panel) which allows whatever information you want displayed to be seen with only a quick pull of Velcro. The clear panels can be written on with a non permanent marker (something I m not brave enough to try) but I would use a chinagraph pencil instead (blunt because I m not allowed sharp stuff:D).It has a couple of elasticated loops to hold a pen/pencil and the wrist straps are fully elasticated with Velcro closure.

    The front panel holds my range card and the second panel holds a wind card. I haven t figured what to use the A5 section for, if anything at all. At least I ll be able to look at my range card while supporting the rifle (with a brain like a sieve I can check my aim point as much as I need to).

    Overall, it s very well made with triple, double and single stitching where appropriate and should last a long time. Now if only I could get my dodgy ankle sorted out as easily, I might actually get out and do some shooting.

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