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    I have been doing some custom side-wheel numbers for my New Steyr 110/Leupold Competiton combo and thought I would share my findings. I have done a custom set with the actual yardage, and the number I need to dial on the turret to hit that distance. (see white sheets) I had a rough Idea of the settings (don't use chairgun, i'm an old die hard with a board, target and tape measure) So what I did was print out a set of numbers with distances from 8-20 in 1 yard increments and 20-55 in 2 and 1/2 yard increments. I then typed underneath the number I need to dial to hit that distance, so all my information is on the side-wheel (handy for the showdown). So now when I rangefind a target( lets say for an easy example I rangfind a target at 45 yds) I read off the distance and the clicks off the side-wheel......easy. All the sticky backed numbers on the sheet have been laminated, so they are waterproof, you just cut out to size, peel off the backing and stick them on your side-wheel.

    I am going to start doing sets of numbers from 8-20 in 1 yard increments and from 20- 62.5 in 1 and 1/2 yard increments as a basic sheet ( see green sheet). There will be a minimum of 8 of each number just in case you make a mistake and have to peel off and do it again. So there will be plenty to do several scopes.

    I can do custom sets for people if they want them, but you will have to supply me with the number dialled on the top turret for each distance, or the number of clicks you dial for each distance.

    The basic sheet will be £5 posted and the custom one will be £7.50 posted. Please PM me if you are interested in trying them out. Thanks. Neil.

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