Shootability Norfolk 10m disability shooting club

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  1. heidi

    heidi AA MPR, BSA ULTRA

    Jul 31, 2014
    Shootability Norfolk
    Sorry seems I've posted in the wrong place so this is the correct place can the other post be deleted please?

    Shootability Norfolk is Norfolk's only 100% dedicated disability 10m shooting club. We have shooters with all kinds of disabilities from amputees to chaps who shoot from electric wheelchairs along with seated shooters and ones who use manual wheelchairs. So no matter what your disability or no disability able bodied people are welcome too. Club can supply you with a gun or bring your own provided its .177.. Best bit is there's free tea and coffee oh we do have an in house registered coach so the advice you get is the right advice for what you want too do.

    The club is based in Attleborough Norfolk so close to the A11 for good access

    Check the website out and take it from there.


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