SHFT GARC 2nd round summer league results

Discussion in 'News and Results' started by bunnyman, May 26, 2010.

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    Dec 8, 2009
    Many thanks to all the traveling clubs for all the support in this 2nd round of the Scottish summer league.

    Sean Webb has now won both rounds so far and is blazing a trail for us all to follow.

    Welldone Gian for his PB (just when you need it)

    Next round 3 at New Caledonian 6th June

    Sean Webb GARC Steyr 58 1st after shoot off

    Gian Pallisco New Caledonian Daystate Mk4 58 2nd after shoot off

    Scott Webb GARC HW 100 57 3rd after shoot off

    Bruce MilneTAGC HW 100 57
    Ian Horne New CaledonianDaystate Mk4 56
    Steve Cochrane TAGC Walther Dominator 55
    Wilson Hendry JGARC Daystate Mk3 55
    Stuart Webb GARC HW 100 54
    Mark Devlin TAGC Ripley AR5s 54
    Chris Ward GARC Daystate mk4 54
    Scott Robertson GARC Air Arms MPR 53
    Deon Smith TAGC Steyr 53
    Kenny Weddell JGARC Ripley Elite 52
    Graham EastonNew CaledonianDaystate Mk4 52
    Andrew HumphreyWestfield HW 100 52
    Mark Hill TAGC Air Arms 200 51
    Cameron Wilson Styre 51
    Neil Mclarren HW 100 51
    Graham Ellis GARC BSA Hornet 51
    Richard MurrayNew Caledonian Daystate 50
    Mike Simmons GARC Ripley Elite 49
    Kathleen Male TAGC Air Arms 48
    Gordon Burns BSA 48
    William JohansonNew CaledonianDaystate Mk4 45
    Jim Ellis GARC Air Arms 44
    A Hilliard GARC Daystates 44
    Padon JGARC (sorry could not read name) HW 80 44
    Tyler Anderson GARC (jr) Webley 43
    M Hilliard GARC Air Arms 42
    Daryl Cuthbert TAGC Air Arms 400 38
    John Duncan TAGC Daystate 38
    Gillian Cameron JGARC FX 34

    The full Result will follow when Steve is back in the country.

    Stuart TEF

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