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    great wratting
    Well i was hoping the wind we had yesterday, carried through for today - but i think i most were happy it didn't! Instead we were treated to a lovely sunny day with 'edge of kill' wind. I didn't think the course was going to be too hard - until the swearing started, but a few people achieved PB's and even the new faces were smiling so it can't have been that bad. It was also nice to see some old faces returning to the club, it's been a while since Tim S last shot at the club regularly, but hopefully he has been bitten by the bug again and will stay for a while.
    A big thankyou to Simon P for the help setting up and to all who helped pack away, and as ever to Sarah and Sue who thoroughly spoilt us with the top notch food all day (especially a huge lump of fore rib beef in rolls). Finally congrats to Larissa for a great top score of the day - now can you start teaching Colin how to shoot


    Larissa Sykes 59 1st
    Mark Andrews 58 2nd - after countback
    Justin Rhone 58 3rd
    Simon Jones 57
    Vicky Mallows 56
    Ken Phillips 56
    Colin Sykes 55
    Marc Zwierzanski 54
    Andrea Marshall 54
    Bruce Marshall 54
    Steve Berrington 54
    Nicky Pearson 53
    Chris Boulton 52
    Clive Presland 52
    Tim Sanders 52
    Martin Slane 51
    Roger Martin 49
    Stuart Deeks 49 - all with his eyes shut
    Richard Lander 48
    Tony Haas 48
    Lee Marles 46
    Mick Reed 46
    John Gameston 44
    Mark Gameston 43
    Dusty Miller 43
    Jon Roth 42
    Chris Watts 42
    Clive Watts 41
    John Brede 40
    Diane Sanders 36
    Michelle Hills 32
    Jonathon pearson 32
    Len Brede 32
    Angela Watts 28


    Ralph Presland 54 1st
    Alan Sultano 46 2nd
    Phil Russell 45 3rd
    L. Anderson 44
    Adam Osmond 38


    Matt Rawlings 52 1st
    Wayne Pearce 47 2nd
    Anne Russell 44 3rd


    Ben Thompsett 53 1st
    Nick Roth 50 2nd
    Connor Andrews 49 3rd
    Anthony Marshall 42
    Harry Day 37

    Pistol HFT[B/]

    Open Sights

    Simon Jones 35 1st
    Matt Rawlings 31


    Mark Andrews 51 1st
    Wayne Pearce 47
    Colin Sykes 41
    Ben Thompsett 41
    Nicky Pearson 39
    Justin Rhone 35
    Larissa Sykes 35

    See you all in 2 weeks

    Mark Andrews

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