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  1. chunter177

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    Jun 6, 2012
    Down Hatherley Rifle Club
    Hi guys,

    Just a quickie for shooters in Worcestershire - we have a new website for SEECO in Redditch:

    By all means have a shufty and let us know what you think - if you want to shoot any of the following disciplines with us please get in touch:
    Prone (.22 rimfire - 25 yard)
    Bench Rest (.22 rimfire - 25 yard)
    10M Air Rifle - .177
    10M Air Pistol - .177
    Lightweight Sports Rifle (LSR) - 20 yard standing rifle - .22 rimfire/air rifle - .177 or .22
    Bell Target (6 yards) .177 air rifle

    We have great links with other shooting clubs e.g. Bromyard Rifle Club; Stourport Rifle Club, and Redditch Air Rifle League and Bell Target.You can email me at

    Chunter177, Secretary SEECO Rifle & Pistol Club

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