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    Feb 20, 2012
    Scottish Bans and regulations, petition to show were not criminals.

    Following a minor sigh of relief on the topic of banning air guns in Scotland, it seems Mr Macaskill has had a slight turnaround in the idea of a ban, however tougher restrictions and regulations are to be implemented.

    There's no denying what took place and the wee one being killed was tragic in every way and as a parent anyone of us on here would want justice of some worthy order.He deserves to rot for what he did but persecuting the rest of us as done so many times before neither stops nor reduces this, all it does is sheds us in a negative light that is neither correct or fair.

    But there has to be a point where more rules and regulations just further muddy the waters and are just another step closer to an inevitable ban later down the line, I've yet to hear a politician that sticks to an original mandate.
    The parents have said they will keep on fighting until; they get there way, as we all know, each one of us who own an airgun in the eyes of these parents and the eyes of all those who sympathise to their quest we are all as savage and reckless as the imbecile that fatefully pulled that trigger.

    Question is, according to the article that's been written, the Andrews parents have 11000 signatures on a petition for the unjust banning of airguns in Scotland. Can we as a shooting fraternity across the whole of Britain muster up the same amount of Signatures verifying we are neither imbeciles, savages, morons or unfit to own an air rifle without the need of a licence and further restrictive regulations?

    lets face it, we know if it passes in Scotland it will spread elsewhere.

    I'd be among the first to put my name down. Would You?

    One thing that should be done is actually asking the people it would affect what their general consensus is on it, each club and organisation, each retailer, supplier, manufacturer and ultimately each shooter, magazine reader, forum member etc.

    Support the very thing that has you on BBS, your love of shooting.

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    Nobody who has anything to hide has anything to worry about but its deeper than just principle.. does each rape make each man with a dick a rapist?? Seriously!

    Enough is enough, there a far more pressing matters to deal with in the UK and in Scotland, the ban it brigade.. is it just another way to make a puerile terrorist freeing politician look like he gives a ****?

    Its ironic that a government keen on securing independence and freedom for its country is now so keen, so soon to begin imposing bans/regulations removing the very liberties of the people its claiming to free!

    I don't care for the notion of freedom, I care for the living of it.
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    Mav, first off this is shooting the breeze not BBS,second are you affiliated to SARPA if not why not ? We need to stand united on this not divided,if you are an airgun club you should be a member of your national association who is fighting to prevent any potential ban.The more members we have the stronger we are.

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