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    Over the years I have had just about every scope one can get hold of which is suitable or can be adapted for FT

    Schmidt and bender FT and PM2, Leupold 20 - 50, Nikko's Mks 1 and 3, Sightron, March 80, Nightforce NXS and Competition to name but a few.

    I have learnt that a scope which someone else may get on well with doesn't mean that it will be suitable for me.

    When it comes down to high end scopes it is a matter of what suits you and your eyes.

    Some scopes will move with temperature some won't and it is all about learning the scope you are using.

    The Only scope that I can use is the Nightforce, One friend of mine uses only Leupold's

    I would suggest that if you manage to get a scope that you can use then learn it, use it and keep it.

    Remember that when you look through someone else's scope, it is set up for them. The diopter is set for them so unless you have exactly the same eyes optically then you will not see it for what it really is.

    The only way to find out what suits you is to get a scope and try it then another and another and another until you are convinced you have the scope which suits you.

    I am not in the top league of shooters so why should you listen to me? Well don't listen to me. Ask the top shooters and see what they say. I think they will agree with what I have written here.
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