Scope Dilemma

Discussion in 'General Airgun Chat' started by poison dwarf, Apr 19, 2009.

  1. poison dwarf

    poison dwarf BANNED

    Mar 9, 2009
    tondu /quarry
    I have the old big nikko but i bought a new 2008 model as an upgrade. I thought it would be better in every way to the old one. In most respects it is, clearer glass and a little lighter too. The only thing the new one cant match is the "snap in" of the old one. Have I just got a good old one or is this consistant with everyone elses experience?
    Unfortunately i cant justify keeping both so one has to go, but i cant decide which :(
  2. Sam Vimes

    Sam Vimes New Member

    Jan 5, 2009
    Richmond or the Yorkshire Wolds
    None of the three versions are necessarily consistent. I have an old black turret version and when the green turret update came out many were very enthusiastic that they were superior to the older one. Since the latest version came out many have been more enthusiastic still. However, I've yet to encounter an example of either new model that I thought better than my old one. However, I've seen through old ones that are poorer than my own.

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