SARPA Hunter league Rd5 - Westfield ARC 12th May 2013

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    SARPA Hunter league Rd5 - Westfield ARC 12th May 2013

    Like a proud Highland warrior, Andy McFarlane looked on with pride, perhaps a tear in his eye, and definitely sweat on his brow at the 90 shooters in attendance when taking his mighty perch for the safety brief.

    Wilding his whistle, and in his pocket the mighty horse inseminator, perhaps it was a target tester, we were to find out.


    Andy’s ‘Weapon’

    Through a mastermind, nae genius move, the mighty Westfield had given the shooters a peg number on sign in, meaning it was straight off to the peg on the finish of the brief, rather than an expectant crowd, craning forward there good ear to try and catch their starting point.

    Of we marched into the superb course that Westfield had set up today. From the open deciduous starting pegs where elevated and long shorts when order and by the end of the day generous helpings of mud to help you get settled in.


    Please return all mud back to Westfield

    The pine forest held some excellent challenges, back breaking steep angled tree shots, trajectory trapped sneaky standers and some lovely long range targets through the pine forest into clearings. Into the deepest darkest woods, our wee metal adversaries were perched aloft tree beams , and under logs.

    The Golden Lion Rampant was on offer today. It was a dark little spot it was placed, I heard it was beautiful, but due to the undying rainfall, all I seen was a steamy mess through my specs, and a steamier mess on my scope......... still hit it though ( £25 quid up...cheers Westfield ).

    It wasn’t long into the shoot when a whistle was blown, and the bold Andy MacFarlane stepped forward brandishing the inseminator. Someones for it, I thought. Alas however it was indeed a target tester. He was called on a few occasions, giving us all the opportunity to enjoy the beautiful Scottish typical mid May day weather.... (Editor: p******g is not allowed!! ) raining profusely.

    All targets on the day were tested good, and we carried on through this excellent course.

    A group close to my heart, the boinger boys were strong in attendance today. From the chilly north of Grampian and the glorious new towns of the Kingdom of Fife, to the barren wastelands of Greenock, we had a field of 10, the glory days of real shooting are coming back (no apologies for the bias of that statement)

    The springer class, also brought out a bit of drama with shoot offs for 1st and 2nd, and 3rd and 4th. The excitement of the occasion, got to young Mike Robinson, with Grampians Bruce Milive taking first, with possibly the finest looking rifle of all time (Prosport - please refer back to end of last paragraph)

    David Wishart of NASGARC on his first HFT shoot, done a sterling effort in coming in for a 3rd place shot off up against yours truly. Andy gave us the choice of a toss of the coin or a shoot off. Rotten swine that I am, I called shoot off, good to get it out the way Davy. However, McBam pipped him at the post …a memorable day for you chap, shot well and glad to have a new HFter on the go, who’s brave enough to take a son with him.... who will inevitably beat you one day.... relish every victory now daddy shooters

    Good wins in the ladies for Susan King(new Caly) and .22 Steven Kerr (NASGARC). The juniors were on fire today. In the 14-16 Callum Holmes with a tremendous score of 54, and in the 9 to 13’s and equally adult thumping 53. Well done lads!!

    But what about the open? What? You heard someone got the first cleared course of the season! Yeah you’d be right. The World Champ, Greg ‘The Unstoppable’ Morss (*artistic licence) still sporting excellent form cleared the course to take first. Well done champ, an excellent achievement.


    ‘The Champ’

    Head along to the results section to see how the League is panning out and further results.

    Westfield done an excellent job on the day. The numbers took them by surprise, they remained well organized and provided a great day. They also supplied some lovelies for the chuck hut as well, great guys

    The next shoot as at New Kypeside on the 19th of May. The re-sheduled SARPA Hunter League Shoot 2 of the year.

    Enjoy it guys, yours in sport (really like that statement and I’m stealing it Graham )

    John McBam

    Thanks to OKO (Hogans Dad for the use of the pictures)

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