SARPA AGM MINUTES 5th February 2011

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    Nov 9, 2009
    Dear SARPA Members and Scottish Airgunners

    Please find attached a copy of

    SARPA AGM MINUTES 5th February 2011

    We hope they show a transparent framework for our various undertakings and obligations in the forthcoming year
    and you can be assured of the commitment from the SARPA Office Bearers, Committee and Member Clubs.

    Our thanks go to Erna Macfarlane SARPA General Secretary for her efficient drafting of the minutes.

    For any Clubs or Individuals who are not Members of SARPA more information can be found here
    and membership applications can be requested at

    "ask not what SARPA can do for you - ask what you can do for SARPA" paraphrased from JF Kennedy Inaugural Speech

    Yours in Sport

    Ian Horne
    SARPA FT/HFT Match Secretary

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