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    Mar 7, 2013
    HFT MASTERS series comes to Scotland.
    Venue Cloybank Phoenix APRC 19th June 2015
    Roger Lait and Ian Bainbridge are bringing the HFT MASTERS series to Scotland as part of their plans for 2016 and this is a first for Scotland. The shoot comes in association with The Scottish Association for Country Sports and SACS will be providing a professional video crew to film the event. Many of you may have seen the videos from the pace brothers Darryl and Byron and their videos have been shown in the Scottish parliament and are of the highest quality.
    The HFT MASTERS shoots are loads of fun and they operate a two tier system which allows newer shooters to compete against other newer shooters and this makes the series very competitive. There is of course a tier for the more experienced shooters as well. There is a guaranteed £500 free raffle for all shooters taking part and also other great prizes for the shooters raffle from the HFT MASTERS sponsors.

    Cloybank Phoenix look forward to welcoming you.

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