Round 6 NW Gauntlet Shoot.

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    Round 6 NW Gauntlet Results (shot at Rivi).

    Ray Ross (Rivi) 47
    Mark Gill (Tawd) 47
    Dave Wilson (Rivi) 46
    Dave Ramshead (Tawd) 46
    Steve Hughes (Tawd) 46
    Steve Shaw (Tawd) 46
    Ross Hudson (Rivi) 45
    Kelvin Maggs (Fort) 45
    John Oldroyd (Rivi) 45
    Duncan Jackson (Tawd) 44
    Phil Sharples (Rivi) 44
    Sam Oultram (Rivi) 44 J
    Paul Bretland (Fort) 44
    Ian Unsworth (Tawd) 43
    Geoff Watkinson (Tawd) 43
    Ian Paul (Rivi) 43
    Steve Wilson (Rivi) 43
    Steve Oultram (Rivi) 42
    Nigel Williams (Fort) 42
    Brian Lewis (Fort) 42
    Andy Jones (Fort) 42
    Sam Ramshead (Tawd) 41 L
    Clive Jones (Fort) 41
    Harry Thornley (Rivi) 41
    Mike Turner (Fort) 41
    Derek Whittingham (Fort) 41
    Mark Wilson 40
    Iain Johnson (Rivi) 40
    Mark Dixon (Fort) 38
    Kevin Roche (Rivi) 37
    Alan Jackson 36
    Keiran Lewis (Fort) 36 J
    Alf Haworth (Rivi) 36
    Rachael Unsworth (Tawd) 32 J
    Dan Arthur (Rivi) 32.

    Team results:
    Tawd 229
    Rivi 227
    Fort 215.


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