Round 5 of NW Gauntlet

Discussion in 'News and Results' started by Ste Hughes, Aug 23, 2009.

  1. Ste Hughes

    Ste Hughes Daystate's whipping boy

    Apr 16, 2009
    Tawd Vale FT & ARC
    Round 5 of NW Gauntlet

    well done fort - was a great course i thought

    all scores ex 50

    Andy Jones (Fort) 49
    Ian Paul (Rivi) 48
    Ray ross (rivi)48
    Ross Hudson (rivi) 47
    Duncan Jackson (Tawd) 47
    Paul Bretland (46 Fort)
    Drew whitley (Fort) 46
    NIge Williams (fort) 46
    Steve wilson (rivi) 46
    Phil Sharples (rivi) 46
    Dave Wilson (rivi) 46
    Mark Gill (Tawd) (46)
    Steve Hughes (Tawd) 46
    A Bloxham (rivi) 46
    William Jefferies (fort) 45
    Dave Duncan (Fort) 45
    Steve Mcgregor (fort) 45
    John Oldroyd (rivi) 44
    Derek whittingham (fort) 44
    Mark dixon (fort) 42
    Ian unsworth (tawd) 42
    Mike turner (fort) 41
    Ian Bloxham (rivi) 41
    Mike everson (tawd) 40
    Steve Oultram (rivi) 40
    P Hall .22 39
    Kieran lewis jr (fort) 38
    John Rawnsley (rivi) 38
    Louise bignall (fort) 38
    Steve shaw (tawd) 37
    Bill jones (fort)37
    D sumner .22 36
    Paul Thelwall jr (Fort) 35
    Racheal unsworth (tawd) jr 32
    Ray mitchell (fort) 28

    team results

    1st Rivi 235
    2nd Fort 232
    3rd Tawd 221 :eek:

    leader board here

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