Round 4 of the Troop Trophy, Oldham Sunday 13.3.11

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    For any HFTers without anywhere to go in the North/North West of England this Sunday, the final round for 2011 of the Troops Trophy is taking place at Oldhams ARC, Worsley shooting ground in Manchester. The previous 3 comps have all been excellent although Rivington Rifles Turton Towers round was errrrrrrrrrrrr Wet and Windy to say the least. For anyone not aware, the Troops Trophy is designed to raise money to send Morale Parcels out to our frontline Troops in Afghanistan, the previous 3 comps raising to date around £3000 and another £150 thats recently arrived from Carl Knapper of the NWFTA which was a cut of the takings from their 12th December charity shoot.

    Also including the UKAHFT season ticket that Sparky and Scooby donated which brought in an excellent £110 from round 1.

    Although I have yet to visit Oldhams ground, I am assured it is one of the most beautiful courses of any HFT venue, so I for one am looking forward to it .

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