Rose Bowl 2020 Furnace Mill UKAHFT (KIDDERMINSTER) [26th January 2020]

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    So here we are at the start of a new 12 months of Rose Bowl competitions. Looking back at 2019’s results I saw that Dan won the first round last year too. Today’s was a better score with 57.

    Great to see you all at the start of our new season and we hope that you all enjoyed today’s course. The weather was not helpful starting damp and cold and getting wetter and colder as the day went on but everyone seemed happy enough chatting around the fire in the clubhouse at the end of the competition.

    Congratulations to Phil White who won the bonus bunny.

    As usual thank you to Geoff for booking in and getting here early to help Ed put the strings out along with Phil White and Tony Male.

    Dates for 2020 are as follows:
    Round 1 - 26th January
    Round 2 – 23rd February
    Round 3 - 29th March
    Round 4 - 25th April - SATURDAY (Day before UKAHFT R2 @ Misfits)
    Round 5 – 31st May
    Round 6 – 21st June
    Round 7 - 26th July
    Round 8 - 30th August
    Round 9 - 27th September
    Round 10 - 24th October – SATURDAY (Day before UKAHFT R9 @ Quarry)
    Round 11 - 29th November
    Round 12 – 20th December

    Best 8 of 12 scores count so you don't have to attend every month.
    Competitors need to enter a minimum of 8 times to qualify for a trophy.

    Booking-in from 9am, safety briefing at 10.15am

    Results on countback:
    Dan McMahon 57
    Dariusz Moszczynski 54
    Stuart James 54
    Tony Male 53
    Phil Soper 52
    Jason Cowan 52
    Graham Cole 51 (Vets)
    Bill Birch 51
    Phil Tombs 50
    Ian Ree 50
    Simon Minney 49
    Kev Clarke 49 (Vets)
    Ed Brown 48
    Stew Searle 48 (Recoiling)
    Matt Lee 48
    Tom Morgans 48 (Vets)
    Mike Towler 47 (Vets)
    Jon Myatt 47
    William Thomas 46
    Dave Freeman 46
    Geoff Jones 46 (Vets)
    Dave Gallichan 46 (Vets)
    Roger White 45
    Phil White 45
    Richard Halford 45
    Nick Parker 45
    Keith Daughtrey 44 (Vets)
    Mike Lewis 44
    Frank Peterek 42 (Recoiling)
    Kevin Scott 41
    Gary Baker 40 (Vets)
    Nick Aldridge 40 (Recoiling)
    Mark Upton 31
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  2. Phil White

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    Feb 24, 2019
    Furnace Mill
    Thanks to Ed and Jane for another great shoot! and made even better by winning bonus bunny! cheers
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