Rivi Names

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  1. Sparky

    Sparky Ich dien Staff Member

    Nov 8, 2008
    Pontypool South Wales
    Quarry Hunters
    Shooters booked in so far


    Alan Davies
    Alan Meadows
    Alex Larkin
    Andrea Marshall
    Andy Jones
    Andy Wilson
    Anthony Male
    Anthony Marshall
    Aretha Devanney
    Barry Smith
    Bert Tate
    Bill Jones
    Brian Franklin
    Brian Heaps
    Brian Lewis
    Bridget Parker
    Bruce Marshall
    Callum Quincey
    Chris Coombes
    Chris Cundey
    Chris Morton
    Chris Tucker
    Christopher Baker
    Clive Amery
    Connor Ford
    Daniel Measures
    Danny Jones
    Darren Powell
    Darren Quincey
    Dave Benyon
    Dave Goldsberry
    Dave Hunter
    Dave Lillywhite
    Dave Martin
    Dave Ramshead
    David Allam
    David Bowles
    Dennis Oakes
    Derek Whittingham
    Derick Stone
    Donald Hartness
    Drew Thompson
    Edward Tandi
    Elliott Compton
    Emily Clark
    Emily Roberts
    Eric Bynum
    Fred Kaz
    Gary Chillingworth
    Geoff Ryder
    Geoff Watkinson
    Giles Tibbitts
    Gordon Burns
    Gordon Smith
    Greg Hensman
    Grego Hensman
    Guy Gillies
    Harry Compton
    Harry Fallows
    Ian Bainbridge
    Ian Hunter
    Ian Jones
    Ian Roberts
    Ian Unsworth
    James McLachlan
    Jean Greatrex
    Jennie Stone
    Jim Harney
    Joanne Cogger
    John Oldroyd
    John Rawnsley
    Joseph Downes
    Julian Thomas
    Justin Rhone
    Karyn Macfarlane
    Keith Wooley
    Ken Gould
    Kevin Turner
    Kieran Lewis
    Kyle Hampton
    Lee Hartness
    Lee Meadows
    Mark Crossland
    Mark Dixon
    Mark Smith
    Mark Wilson
    Martyn Goodsall
    Matt Brookes
    Matthew Ford
    Matthew Furlong
    Matthew Rawlings
    Michael Franklin
    Michael Holliday
    Michelle Pullen
    Mick Goodenough
    Mick McTighe
    Mike Bate
    Mike Edminson
    Mike Everson
    Mike Turner
    Mikey Heathcote
    Neil Smith
    Neil Tatton
    Nigel Jones
    Nigel Smith
    Nigel Williams
    Paul Gardner
    Paul Johnson
    Paul Thelwell
    Pete Dutton
    Pete Sparkes
    Peter Foote
    Peter Higgins
    Philip Frost
    Rachel Unsworth
    Ray Hampton
    Ray Ross
    Rebecca Rawlings
    Richard Ardern
    Richard Harley
    Richard Jefferies
    Richard Woods
    Rob Mobley
    Robert Sommers
    Roger Lait
    Roy Taylor
    Sam Oultram
    Samantha Ramshead
    Sandra Davies
    Scott Clark
    Shaun Eustace
    Shaun Langley
    Simon Downes
    Simon Howarth
    Simon Vant
    Stephen Milburn
    Steve Cochrane
    Steve Edmondson
    Steve Gillies
    Steve Light
    Steve Oultram
    Steve Swift
    Steve Taylor
    Steven Macfarlane
    Stuart Webb
    Terry Wheatley
    Thomas Frost
    Thomas Morgans
    Tim Bohr
    Tom Sweeney
    Wayne Marriott
    Wayne Pearce

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