Rivi Club Comp Round 2 Results.

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  1. raygun

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    Rivi Club Comp Round 2 Results.

    Course set up to the new UKAHFT Rules. Very windy with very strong gusts.
    Scores ex 60.

    Chris Morton 51
    Steve Oultram 50
    John Rawnsley 50
    Dave Ramshead 49
    Mark Wilson 48
    Ian Paul 47
    Sam Oultram Jnr 47
    Dave Benyon 47
    Ray Ross 47
    Elliott Compton Jnr 47
    Phil Sharples 46
    Brian Heaps 45
    Andy Wilson 44
    Chris Tucker 44
    James McLaclan 44
    Andy Jones 44
    Andy McLaclan 43
    Geoff Watkinson 43
    Steve Taylor 43
    Harry Thornley 41
    Harry Compton 41
    Conner Hulme Jnr 36
    Hugo Compton Jnr 30

  2. Dave Ramshead

    Dave Ramshead England HFT Team squatter

    Apr 16, 2009
    Preston, Lancs
    Rivington Riflemen
    "very windy" :eek:

    bit of an understatement:D

    2nd round in a row where you have to double team the range mats to stop them buggering off:D

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