Rivi Charity Shoot results

Discussion in 'News and Results' started by raygun, Aug 9, 2009.

  1. raygun

    raygun Non member

    Ray Ross 57
    Dave Ramshead 55
    Phil Sharples 55
    Steve Goacher 55
    John Oldroyd 54
    Dave Wilson 53
    Ian McDonald 53
    John Rawnsley 53
    Aaron Bloxham 52
    Mike Turner (S) 52
    Richard Seddon 52
    Paul Bretland (S) 51
    Alan Laurikietis 51
    Alf Howarth 50
    Steve Oultram 50
    Sam Oultram (J) 50
    Harry Thornley 49
    Ian Paul 48
    Alam Jackson 48
    Samantha Ramshead 47
    Steve Jacob 46
    Daniel Ramdhead (J) 45
    Alex Fletcher (J) 44
    Derek Whittingham (S) 44
    Roy Taylor 44
    Dave Warrington 44
    Bruno Aiello 44
    Dave Robinson 43
    Ian Bloxham 43
    Walt Bond 43
    John O'Conner 42
    Dale Crossley 41
    Frank Lawson 41
    Richard Lees 40
    Brian Heaps 40
    Michelle Lawson 40
    Kevin Roach 39
    Ray Shay 38
    Ken B.A.R. 37
    Shaun Bell 36
    Brian Lewis (S) 36
    Stephen Lawson (S) 36
    Ben B.A.R. 36
    Tony Molt 35
    Paul Blair (S) 35
    Clive Jones (S) 34
    John Detrillo 34
    Ciaran Roach (J) 33
    Barry Flewitt 33
    Dean Crossley 32
    Mike B.A.R. 30
    Dan Arthurs (S) 29
    Eddie Marriar (S) 29
    Stuart Morgan (S) 24
    Liam Jacob (S) 23
    Shea Jacob (S) 18
    Helen Marriar (S) 17
    Heath B.A.R. No card
    Sean B.A.R. No card
    Eddie B.A.R. No card

    (S) Denotes Springer
    (J) Denotes Junior.

    Many thanks to you all for joining this Charity Shoot. Amount raised will be posted as soon as it's known.

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  2. I. J.

    I. J. Member

    Apr 17, 2009
    Blackburn. Lancs
    HERES some photos of todays event.

    On behalf of the club members and the charity (Derian House Childrens Hospice) may I thank all the competitors and supporters who attended this event today. The final figure raised, when realised, will be posted on here and other forums.

    One raffle prize remains unclaimed - no. 499. :rolleyes:

    Ian :D

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