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Discussion in 'Equipment Reviews' started by RobF, May 18, 2009.

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    I'm one of those that goes lobster with any hint of sustained sunshine. I've often found sunblock ineffective because I normally forget to apply it, or it stops the sun so well I leave it for a bit to get some sort of a tan, and then forget to apply it.

    This stuff is different. This is a block for the harmful stuff, but you still get a tan. I ain't cheap. But it's so worth it. Recommended to me by someone that has spent a lot of time out in the desert, I tried this on an open top jeep jaunt to the gates of Asia midsummer last year. Putting this on at sunrise I was exposed to 40 degree sun for 10 days from dawn to dusk without respite and didn't get burnt once, even on bits of me that hadn't seen the sun... and I came back with a tan, rather than a case of leprosy.

    It's like an oil which soaks in, gives protection in 15 mins, doesn't get sticky, provides a light water resistance, and only needs one application.

    So, if the weather plays ball, and your a lobster like me, this really is the stuff for the summer.

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